PF changes name of Ministry of Finance and National Planning

PF changes name of Ministry of Finance and National Planning

More tax-payers’ money to be wasted over another meaningless change in names of government institutions.

The PF government has changed the name of the ministry of Finance and National planning to ‘Ministry of Finance.

‘This is to inform you that through Government Gazette Notice No. 183 of 2012 dated Friday, 23rd March, 2012, issued by the Secretary to the Cabinet, the organisational name, Ministry of Finance and National Planning, was changed to MINISTRY OF FINANCE,’ a statement from ministry spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta Wednesday afternoon stated.

Kandeta added that ‘it follows that the title of the Cabinet Minister and the Deputy Minister follow this institutional name syntax’.

This, in effect means that all labels on ministry property like buildings, vehicles etc will have to be changed at great cost to tax payers.

The ministry letterheads, business cards and everything that bears the ministry name will also have to be changed immediatelly.

Just this week, an opposition leader described president Michael Sata’ government as that of Chiimbwi no plan, denoting lack of proper planing and clear direction by the new regime.

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