PF chaplain and Buchi Ward Chairman turns into a sepernt

By Mirriam Gichuru; The Star – Kenya

In an incongruous turn of events, one of the leading ‘prophets’ of Zambia’s ruling party, the Patriotic Front, who also doubles as the party’s Buchi Ward Chairman on the Copperbelt of Zambia has mysteriously turned into a serpent.
The self acclaimed ‘prophet’ only identified as Prophet Musukwa by those who know him turned into a snake seconds after his church experienced a technical fault during a service on the country’s Copperbelt region which was attended by masses.

Members of the church and those who came to receive their ‘miracles’ for the day after a much advertised service scampered all directions as they could not stand the whimsically strange sight and the bizarre of a man of the clothe evolving into a snake in the sight of all.
Eye witnesses said the rear part of the makeshift church tumbled down instantaneously as the crowd wrestled for their lives from a man who had earlier promised them life. Those spoken to who had been loyal members of the church said several attempts by members to overthrow the ‘prophet’ from the church proved futile as the Elders’ Board told them that overthrowing the ‘man of God’ was tantamount to closing the church as there was no one else ‘anointed’ to carry on the mantle.

‘Prophet’ Musukwa is a renown ‘man of God’ within the ranks of the ruling party in Zambia and is among the few ‘clergy men’ in the country who has direct access to the President. He is reported to have led a delegation of about 10 ‘Bishops’ a few days ago that went to receive and ‘pray’ for the President upon his return from New York where he went to attend a United Nations General Assembly. The ‘prophet’ is said to also double as ‘moral leader’ of the party in Mindolo as he always prays and counsels any political gathering in the area. The State House staff in Zambia have of late written to online media publications over suspected witch doctors going to exorcise State House from neighboring countries.

On October 18th, 2015 Zambians from all walks of life gather at the country’s newly constructed stadium in Lusaka for what the President termed ‘Day of Prayer, Reconciliation and Fasting’. It is reported that the entire program has been given to the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) but ‘prophet’ Musukwa was among the few non UCZ members who was fused into the program under ‘special instructions’ from State House.
Zambia has of late been a den of false prophets who evidently use black magic to hypnotize their listeners and thus members believe them without questions. Some prophets in Lusaka, the country’s capital are reportedly selling ‘anointed’ ladies’ underwears as a way of keeping their marriages strong.

Despite these bizarre works, the politicians mostly from the ruling party have embraced these ‘prophets’ because of the promises they give that they would always retain power whenever elections are called.

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