PF cheating farmers on maize prices as Nsanda monopolises bags supply

PF cheating farmers on maize prices as Nsanda monopolises bags supply

Willie Nsanda with President Michael Sata

Willie Nsanda with President Michael Sata

The bankrupt PF regime has again duped farmers in various parts of the country by buying the maize at K62 (K62,000 old currency) instead of the K70 (70,000 old currency) that was announced as the maize floor price for this marketing season for a 50 kg bag.

And government sources revealed that Road Development Agency (RDA) Chairman Willie Nsanda could be the sole supplier of empty grain bags to FRA, which farmers across the country are now being made to pay for.

Some farmers and highly placed sources from the FRA, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance have confirmed that the maize floor price is actually below than last year’s which was at K65 because the PF government is this year deducting K5 as crop levy and K3 for the FRA empty bags supplied by Nsanda’s company.

And most of the farmers have not even been paid despite supplying maize a long time ago and the marketing season having been closed.

A few farmers that have been paid complained that they were shocked to discover that their money was far less than what they anticipated for a specific number of 50 kg bags they supplied.

When they enquired, they were told they needed to pay K5 as crop levy and K3 for the empty FRA bag which means in essence, they are being paid K62 per bag compared to K65 they were getting last year and in previous seasons.

“MMD left the maize floor price at K60 and now PF are only paying us K62 after those deductions per bag of maize. In fact, the price is even much lower when we add transportation costs to depots which are very far in most areas. And we were not even informed about these levies. We have been duped again by the PF that 50kgs of maize shall be K70, yet that price has gone down by K8 after deducting K5 for an empty FRA bag, while K3 is paid as crop levy,” some farmers complained.

And a further investigation indicate that RDA Chairman Willie Nsanda, who is also Michael Sata’s campaign manager, has within a short period of PF being in power, built a state of the art plant for making empty bags which he is the sole supplier to FRA.

A check in Lusaka’s light industrial area in Chinika shows the plant is fully operational at a warehouse plot which was for parking his wreckages of buses, and is sole supplier of empty bags to FRA, which farmers are made to pay for.

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance and FRA sources have all confirmed Nsanda’s company supplies empty grain bags to government institutions including FRA.

RDA is controlled from State House where Sata and Nsanda are corruptly dishing out road contracts, in which even Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has complained of corruption, as revealed by insider Fred Mmembe of the Post newspaper.

Nsanda is also building a huge shopping Mall along Great East Road, shortly after airport road round about on the way to Chongwe with money believed to be from corrupt road contracts that Chikwanda complains about.

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