PF cheats youths again by recruiting retired teachers

By Usenga .G.

I was very shocked to read today’s Post 1/03/2013, that the Patriotic Front government has the intentions of recruiting retired teachers. I quote what acting chief human resources management officer Stephen Siame said,
“As a country we still need more teachers because teachers training colleges have failed to meet the 5,000 net recruitment that we have put as our target. So in order to meet the net recruitment, we have decided to recruit retired teachers on a three-year contract. We think this will cushion the shortage of teachers in the country,” he said. (End of quote)

I want to categorically state that the government is surely cheating on this issue. It is not true that training colleges have failed to produce the required 5000 net recruitment because we still have a lot of students who are moving in the streets waiting for deployment.

The government is not sincere and it just shows that those chosen to identify problems on the ground are manifesting systematic ignorance which has been used to produce reports used for decision making.

Let me remind this government. These colleges, Private and Public have trained a lot of Pre-school teachers who are perfectly trained to handle the lower Primary level, that is, from Grade Pre-grade 1 to grade 4.For sure we have more than 3500 well trained Pre-School teachers country wide ready to replace all those serving teachers who have upgraded to handle Upper Primary and Secondary school level.

Again we have many more well trained and qualified primary and secondary school teachers who are always left out during recruitment on the basis of year of completion. I know certain teachers who have now resorted to move to private schools who are have been applying since 2003 but are left out and last year 2012 they were left out since they completed in 2002.

Let us stand for facts that this PF government only wants to work with old people and that is why the president had proposed to increase the retirement age to 60 years.

Please,a lot of trained youths are roaming in the streets but you want to employ people who are already old and tired. You want grandfathers and great grandfathers to take up the jobs meant for their grandsons and daughters.

I repeat, the government is cheating on this issue. You are deceptionists who are not ready to see the progression of the youths.

With such intentions and policies, Zambian youths are going nowhere.

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