PF cheerleader Nonde alarmed by PF violence

Even Patriotic Front cheerleader Joyce Nonde has condemned the
violent behaviour of Patriotic Front cadres against opposition United Party for National Development.

Nonde said the behaviour by Patriotic Front cadres against opposition leaders was taking the country’s democratic dispensation backwards.

She said it was unfortunate that 50 years after independence the ruling party cadres were clinging to stone-age politics.

Nonde said PF cadres should be strong enough to stomach criticism and counter it with civility.

“After 50 years of Independence we should be practicing politics of violence it is very unfortunate and we appeal to the PF to tame their cadres,” she said.

“It is unfortunate and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms because if you do not like what HH says then you should also challenge him through better articulated arguments.”

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