PF comes up with ‘Zero option’

PF comes up with ‘Zero option’

A Constitutional crisis is eminent as PF-ECZ syndicate scales up their strategy to ” zero option ” which includes a systematic set of action points :

  1. Continuously brand UPND as a violent party that wants to bring anarchy create fake statement from Hh,GBM and spread them on pro pf media platforms.

2. Ban and close all media institutions that give an alternative view.

3. Victimize,demean all radical blogger’s to silence or minimize their online presence.

4. Create a crack squad dressed in UPND regalia in UPND strongholds to cause confusion and create fake ethnic laced atrocities.

5. Infiltrate all UPND structures .

6. Infiltrate all known organizations NGOs , security, private ,public and USE DIVIDE AND RULE principle

7. Control all sources on news and public information , radio stations, TV (znbc) all programs to be preapproved before airing and continuously play praise and campaign songs for PF-ECL as a way of brainwashing and subliminal advertising .

8. Continuously portray Edgar Lungu as meek,humble leader , and use religious leaders for photo opportunity and use these religious leaders to constantly brainwash their flock .

9. Arresting of dissenting citizens on tramped up charges and to deal with them ruthlessly . 10. Limit the movement of all upnd leaders and staunch supporters 11. up and above these tactics some activities will be contingent which will involve systematic disappearances , killing , assassinations to declare state of emergence

12 . Mobilize and fund all PF -Commanders( militias) to parade in pro PF towns and cities to maintain a visible presence and use strong arm tactics,force and propaganda

13. Commit acts of arson, destroy and burn markets,buses,public installations and places and put the blame on UPND and then create and fund Pf -Armed militias to pose as a vigilante group to protest and attack citizens- to be protected by the police and higher PF authorities who will turn a blind eye and blame its on mob justice

14 . Blackmail, bribe and threaten prominent members of society into supporting PF and its agenda .it its fails expose their dirty linen in public social media .

15 .Use, abuse and ignore police and legal processes in zambia via adjournments,permit refusals, harassment and delays , to create a sense on anxiety,desperation,hopelessness whilst in the background other strategies and options are developed.

16. Abuse and use Jobless youths ,who will be put on a fixed fee and bonus for successful missions.


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