Miyanda opposes moving districts, says commissions of inquiries waste of money

Miyanda opposes moving districts, says commissions of inquiries waste of money

Heritage party president Godfrey Miyanda  has charged that the setting up of the commissions of inquiry by the patriotic front government is a sheer waste of resources.
An Miyanda has said it is recklessness for President Michael Sata to create new Provinces and Districts when the country has many serious problems to deal with.
General Miyanda wondered where the money for use in the Province and Districts will come from as it was not budgeted for.

He castigated President Sata for not consulting people that are affected especially traditional rulers is his random creation and re-alignment of districts.

General Miyanda said this during a discussion programme on Zambezi FM called the Journalist on Wednesday.

Gen. Miyanda says that the setting up of the commissions of inquiry is not being done in the right way by the government.

Miyanda was speaking in Livingstone on Zambezi FM radio on Wednesday.
He said  that the setting up of the commissions of inquiry should be set in a matter where a national issue is complicated.
He wondered why some commissions are being set up in a matter where government has records of companies being investigated.
He further said that it is a waste of resources as the money being used to operate the commissions of inquiry is unbudgeted for.
Miyanda said that the money wasted on such expensive issues can  can be in needy areas.
General Miyanda added that all the commissions that have been done are not necessary as most investigations were going to be done in a less dramatic way.
He said that there are systems in government that would have been used to investigate the companies in question.
He also said that all the commissioners in the commissions are biased and commissioners PF cadres or sympathisers.
And Gen. Miyanda has charged that the PF government seems to have lost direction after the winning the September elections.
Gen. Miyanda says that the promised 90 days of aggressive development has not yielded any result since coming to power.
He says that it is a pity that the government has failed to explain to the Zambian people why there have failed to live up to the expectations of the people.
Meanwhile, General Miyanda who is also former Republican Vice President in the Chiluba administration has said the PF government is failing to tell Zambians the truth as to whether Republican Vice President Dr. Guy Scott qualifies to hold his position.

He said the PF has been dodging the vice President issue which could imply that the PF knows that it could be wrong having Dr. Scott as Republican Vice President.

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