PF Condemns Sata’s Adversaries

Patriotic Front (PF) Spokesperson Given Lubinda has condemned those doubting the credentials of the party president Michael Sata.

Speaking in Lusaka, Lubinda said those advocating for the clause and those trying to bar Sata from contesting have their hands caught in the pudding as nothing they do will work.

He appealed to those who are still uncertain on the matter to visit the party secretariat for more information, Lubinda told Radio Phoenix.

But Lubinda was quoted by Dow Jones News wire earlier saying that ‘a clause adopted by Zambia’s National Constitutional Conference requiring presidential candidate to have a university degree could bar the country’s main opposition leader from contesting for president.

Lubinda, the spokesman of the Patriotic Front, Zambia’s largest opposition party, said the decision of the NCC to adopt the clause means that the party’s president Michael Sata may not be eligible to stand for the highest office in the country next year because he is not a university graduate.

"The target of the new clause is clearly Michael Sata, the PF party president, " he said.

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