PF conference hangs in balance

PF conference hangs in balance

Lungu's thugs running around intimidating people on Saturday

Lungu’s thugs running around intimidating people on Saturday


The confusion has continued at the on-going PF chaos dubbed general conference in Kabwe.
By 15: 40 hours, the meeting had not yet started and this is the second and last day of the conference. When we reported here yesterday that the key person at the conference Guy Scott had not gone there but fled into Kohima Barracks, some people were insulting us and saying they saw Scott addressing delegates on ZNBC.

And typical of failures, Inonge Wina has resorted to accusing the media for her party’s failure to conduct a conference.

Just to show the extent of the disorganisation, Frank Bwalya has taken over as spokesperson for the Sata family. He held a press conference inside the venue where he ordered former first lady Christine Kaseba to withdraw from the race. Bwalya announced that Mulenga Sata is now supporting Edgar Lungu so Kaseba should withdraw as well.

The situation by 15: 40 was that, Lungu’s team was getting frustrated. The National Management committee that sat to expel Guy Scott earlier failed to do so as it was going to be considered an illegal meeting. Inonge Wina (education level: form 2), despite the huge title of chairperson has no real powers under the PF arrangement. She is chairperson in name only and has no powers to call for any meeting let alone chair one.

The key person remains Guy Scott and Bridget Atanga, the secretary general and Sylvia Masebo the chairperson for elections.

For the PF elections to proceed, Guy Scott is required to chair the proceedings and then Masebo is supposed to certify the electoral process.

Masebo has demanded that the thugs that have invaded the venue pretending to be delegates must vacate the place so that genuine delegates can go in. But the ghost delegates taken in by Lungu’s faction have refused to move out. So the stalemate stands. Masebo and others have refused to sanction process which is predetermined to ensure the victory of one candidate using the inbuilt list of cadres taken in by Lungu’s camp.

One of the contesters, Miles Sampa last night complained that all delagtes that were putting on material proclaiming support for him were barred. But, anyone who said he supporters Lungu was allowed. That is why even non-PF members like Frank Bwalya are conducting press conferences inside. Bwalya annpunced last week that he will support Lungu.
In frustration and reference to the Watchdog, Inonge Wina, said some media houses are fabricating reports that the PF congress scheduled to take place at Munlugushi Rock of Authority today has been engulfed in violence.
The correct word used by the Watchdog is ‘chaos’ and ‘bedlam’. These words do not necessarily mean violence.
Wina stated that some media houses are determined to highlight violence, which has not occurred at the on-going PF General Conference in order to tarnish the image of the party.
She said it was disturbing and regrettable for some media houses to report on the violence, which never occurred at the conference.
She said it is sad that some people can go at great length to report falsely in a bid to satisfy their personal ego and hatred for the ruling party.
She however admitted that there were intruders in the venue and appealed to them to leave the venue of the conference so that the election process proceeds smoothly.


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