PF confusion over L/stone bye-election candidate

PF confusion over L/stone bye-election candidate

Confusion has erupted in the Patriotic Front camp in Southern Province on the selection of the candidate for the forthcoming bye-elections and who is supposed to be campaign manager.

A source within the PF Central Committee has told the Zambia Watchdog that the confusion has been caused because of the involvement of Mr. Daniel Munkombwe.

The source said Mr. Munkombwe wants Gladys Kristasfor as the party’s candidate and himself as campaign manager while the other group close to party Secretary General Winter Kabimba wants crooked former Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki as the candidate and Obvious Mwaliteta as campaign manager.

Mwaliteta who is Western Province Provincial Minister is already in the province. The source said the biggest problem is that both groups claim to be very close to President Sata.

The source said parliamentary bye-elections under PF have become a way of arm-twisting the President because he always offers jobs to other applicants.

“It is sad because people now whenever they hear of bye-elections apply and claim to be popular since the party can only pick one candidate at a time the President has no option but to offer others jobs and these are very new members. When did Glady’s join PF?  the source asked.

The source said Munkombwe wants Glady’s Kristafor because she was his Permanent Secretary when he was Southern Province Deputy Minister.

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