PF continue blood sacrifices on Zambians, this time killing Mwaliteta’s brother in law

A 19 year old brother-in-law to Obvious Mwaliteta has been brutally murdered in Livinstone in what residents believe is the continued blood sacrifice by the ruling party.

He was killed using Machets and dumped body by the road side.

Mwaliteta is campaign manager in the forth-coming by-election in the area.

But the PF is trying to milk political cream out of the death and are sending messages to people phones that Upnd killed him.

But sources say dangerous and biased reporting by Muvi tv under Costa Mwansa, a PF sympathiser and close friend of PF mercenary pharaoh mwanza are also trying to link the murder to the opposition parties.

The Patriotic Front has been accused by residents of Mpongwe and Livingstone of practising Satanism.

In Mpongwe, some residents said Gabriel Namulambe sacrificed five PF cadres who died before and after Namulambe filed in his nomination papers.

Among the people who died in Mpongwe is Eslina Mapulanga who died when she was hit by a vehicle on her way to a rally addressed by ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot.

The other four died on their way back to Ndola after being ferried to Mpongwe by Copperbelt PF Provincial youth chairperson Chanda Kabwe.

In Livingstone 200 PF supporter defected at Victoria Hall alleging that PF candidate Lawrence Evans is a Satanist.

There has been an increase in road accidents after PF ascended to power.

Most people suspect human sacrifice after disgraced Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya slaughtered a Chicken at a rally.

Here is the story as expected to be broadcast by Muvi tv:  ”

The Mapatizya formula’ has allegedly resurfaced its ugly head again in the Livingstone by-election following the brutal murder of ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Campaign Manager, Obvious Mwaliteta’s brother-in-law. 

The assailants are suspected to have hacked 19-year-old, Johan Lyakoko with a machete and knives before dumping his body along the Livingstone/Lusaka road. 

Johan’s motionless body was discovered along the road hundred metres from a named lodge, where he was lodging with deep cuts at the back of his head. 

The deceased of House number 10/52 Kafue district was allegedly in Livingstone to help his brother-in-law with campaign errands ahead of the February, 28th by-election. 

And Southern Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga could not rule out foul play. She disclosed that the dumping of the body by the roadside was meant to deceive the members of the public that the deceased hit by a moving vehicle. 

Meanwhile, emotionally charged Western Province Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta says he suspects the murder is politically motivated. 

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