PF continues campagning in Livingstone

Despite  the campaign period in the Livingstone by-election being over, the ruling party PF has continued campaigning by sending text messages direct to people’s mobile phones.

Numerous Livingstone voters have expressed their disgust at being bombarded with unsolicited messages from the PF regime.

the message are sent at least three times a day to all people with mobile phones in Livingstone.

One of the message sent on Friday March 21 says: “A vote for the opposition is a vote for politics. Livingstone. Is tired of mere politics but want development. Vote PF on 14 March 2013 L/stone By-election”.

The other message being forced into people’s mobile phones reads ‘PF Livingstone campaign team stands for free, fair & non violent campaigns for Lawrence Evans of PF on 14 March 2013 Livingstone By-election.Thank you.’

The Livingstone by-election was deferred to March 14, 2013 due to the violence that characterised the campaigns but only opposition members were arrested despite complaining that they were the victims.

In deferring the voting, the ECZ banned campaiging saying the only thing that will be done on 14 March is voting.

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