PF continues harassing and bribing Katuba voters

PF have resorted to violence in some areas of Katuba with a view to have elections cancelled as they are sensing losing.

Around 12 hours, violence broke out in Muchenge area of Katuba constituency. This was after a group of Patriotic Front youths camped a few meters away from Muchenge started beating up people who were on their way to the polling station to vote.

A Police source has told the Zambian Watchdog that the PF youths mainly from Matero constituency had been paid by Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa.

By the time the Zambian Watchdog team arrived at Muchenje, relative calm had returned to the area.

In Chunga area near Matero, PF thugs beat up UPND members and some voters with some being taken to the hospital for medication.

In another area called Shifwankula, cadres led by Nrothern Province deputy Minister Freedom Sikazwe started firing guns in the air at polling station sending some voters scampering in all directions.

The situation calmed after UPND rushed to disperse Sikazwe with his cadres.

PF cadres are also in all roads leading to most polling stations dishing out money and intimidating voters..

At Zamseed polling station, PF thugs abducted some UPND polling agents with a view to remove them from polling stations.

Some voters are currently feeling intimidated, especially in rural parts of the constituency.


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