PF continues intimidating judges, protest in Ndola & Kitwe

PF continues intimidating judges, protest in Ndola & Kitwe


In their continued efforts to intimidate the courts and the opposition, PF thugs today disrupted business in Ndola and Kitwe as they violently protested in the central business districts against the presidential election petition filed by the UPND in the Constitutional Court.

In Kitwe, Some shop owners feared that their shops would be looted and closed their businesses temporarily as they watched the thugs, mostly stinking jerabos from the Black Mountain wearing PF green and black berets marching with banners, heading towards the office of the district commissioner Chanda Kabwe.

“We want the President to know that we are with him. We can’t wait for his inauguration. We want this court process to go,” shouted one of the PF supporters Prince Kaunda.

“Respect the people’s will and do not divide the nation!”

In Ndola, PF cadres disrupted the flow of traffic in the central business district following their solidarity march and police officers struggled to control the group.

The PF cadres gathered at Zamtel college in Northrise and marched around blocking roads and causing heavy congestion.

Other motorists feared that their vehicles would be smashed and used alternative routes.

According to the PF cadres, the solidarity march was in support of Lungu, whom they said was duly elected on August 11.

Ndola district commissioner George Chisulo who addressed the cadres at his office said people were happy with the leadership of Edgar Lungu.

“We thank you for supporting the president. This is the spirit we want. Continue giving him the support even if his presidency has been challenged in court. Let us wait for the court outcome and remain hopeful that the courts will do us justice. So thank you for showing this support,” said Chisulo.

But on Sunday night, the PF cadres threw petrol bombs at the Post Newspapers offices in Kitwe and burnt down the UPND secretariat later.

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