PF continues mutilating Constitution

PF continues mutilating Constitution

The PF cadres, traitors and money mongers who have gathered under the banner of National Dialogue Forum are currently mutilating the Constitution.

Some of the changes they have agreed to implement in the constitution is the restoration of the Supreme Court as the highest Court in Zambia.

In the 2016 Constitution the supreme Court and the Constitutional Court were ranked the same a situation they claim was causing administrative challenges. Note that these are the same people who made the 2016 constitution and put the Supreme Court and Constitutional court at the same level.

Now they will change the law again and once this is enacted, decisions of the Constitution court will be appeable in the Supreme Court. Simply put, if you petition the results of the presidential elections in the Constitutional court, you can challenge the decision of the constitutional court in the Supreme court.

Further, in almost all the four groups, the NDF are almost agreed to restore the office of Deputy Ministers.
The PF are also pushing to ensure that Parliament and Cabinet continues holding office until a day just before the elections. This one s personal.

Meanwhile, some CSOs have questioned government as to whether recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Violence and Voting Patterns had been incorporated in the Constitution Bill.
President Lungu, shortly after the 2016 election appointed the commission , who according to sources recommended some radicle reforms to the Constitution, Electoral Process Act, and the Public Order Act all legislation under consideration at the NDF.

The groups will then make presentations to the plenary which will then adopt. After the NDF, a Constitutional Amendment Bill will be drafted by the Ministry of Justice for presentation to Parliament.

To pass in Parliament the Bill will require a two third majority of MPs , which the PF is boasting that they have already acquired through the sale out UPND MPs.

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