PF continues to register Congolese nationals as voters in Luapula province

Desperate to win the August general elections, President Edgar Lungu has directed the PF leadership in Luapula province to continue aiding foreign nationals to obtain registration cards and register to vote.

The dirty scheme is being headed by provincial minister and Chienge MP Benson Kapaya who is using a hired Fuso fighter truck registration number BAC 4380 to ferry people from Lunchinda and Lambwe Chomba border areas to Chienge civic center.

There are fears among locals because some of the people being brought by PF are criminals with nasty records ranging from aggravated robbery, murder and rape in their country and may perpetuate their activities on poor innocent villagers.

Some of the criminals have been promised permanent residence in Zambia after being paid to obtain registration cards and vote for PF.

Senior police and army officers in Luapula confirmed the clandestine activities and complained that the crimes that will come with these hired voters will be difficult to curb.

“It will be difficult to curb their criminal activities because some are advanced and former rebels in that country. PF and Lungu’s desperation will set this peaceful country on fire,” said a senior officer.

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