PF continues tormenting UPND in Mangango, as two youths are abducted

Even after dubiously winning the Mangango by election, PF thugs have continued hunting for UPND cadres in a bid to totally silence the opposition in the area and two UPND youths were in the early hours of today picked by police under the instruction of Luampa MP Josephine Limata.

Police raided the homes of Ndumba Chintu and Manjengo Manjengo around 03:45hrs, picked the two youths and took them to an unknown place. The two are accused of being behind the confusion that rocked the recently held elections in the area, their whereabouts still remain unknown. Limata, an ex concubine of ailing dictator Michael Sata is very upset because of the UPND’s victory in Namando ward in her constituency.

And police sources have told the Watchdog that there are still some more youths on the hunting list, but police tipped them to flee the area. Their names are Zuze Mario, Njamba mukonda, Biemba Hemuwa and Kelvin Chipango. UPND Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa is also appearing in court on allegations of assault and malicious damage.

“We are not happy that we are being forced to carry out this operation but it is just because of work, so we tipped the others to run away but those we have apprehended did not have phones and were unlucky, otherwise it is just persecution boss,” said one officer from Kaoma.

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