PF convention was a dangerous sham

PF convention was a dangerous sham

What happened yesterday at the PF ‘convention’ was a sham and dangerous precedent. That was not even a convention. No election just Edgar Lungu reading a list of his puppets and would be bootlickers.

President Lungu has really reduced this country to an uncivilised 18th century village dictatorship. The democratic achievements we have achieved as a country from the Kaunda era has all been erased and will take another 50 years to secure them.

But what worries me is the fear and cowardice of senior PF members. No one can cough to Lungu. Everyone is only interested in being appointed. This is not the Zambia we want. I have no interest or goodwill for PF but noting that these are the charlatans running our country, I am entitled to speak out.

Jeremy Mambwe

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