PF convict reinstated at ZRA

PF convict reinstated at ZRA

Dear Editor,

On 30th November 2010  Mr. George Chilengwe Siame who at the time was employed by Zambia Revenue Authority as Assistant Commissioner – Credibility and Control  did assault Mrs. Roselyn Really who was Director – Human Resources in ZRA thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm. Interesting at the time of his arrest he was an ardent MMD cadre and his bond from Lusaka Central Police station was signed by Ms. Catherine Namugala a Minister in the MMD Government at that time.

Pursuant to the Zambia Revenue Authority Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Code he was charged and found guilty of having assaulted Mrs. Really by the Principal Disciplinary Committee and he appealed to the ZRA Disciplinary Committee which upheld the decision of the lower committee. Having exhausted all the channels of appeal he had an option to appeal to the High Court or the Industrial Relations Court an option he did not use.

On 3rd August 2011 he was found guilty and convicted by Hon. W. Banda Magistrate Class I, who considering the accused’s mitigation on the fact that as a result of the assault he lost his job would not give him a custodial sentence as it will be like punishing him twice opting to fine him and compensate the complaint. For those who want the case can be found at the Chimbokaila courts registry as case number First Class 2P/15/2010.

Immediately the Patriotic Front won the elections and formed Government George Siame conveniently switched camp and join PF with behind scenes maneuvers by Derrick Chitala who is his cousin. He vigorously campaigned for Sylvia Masebo during the Chongwe bye election and surrender his two vehicles. In his new found home Winter Kabimba become his godfather and promised to reward him for his efforts in Chongwe.

After the election dust settled Kabimba instructed the ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska to have him reinstated. Msiska took the matter to the Board to have Siame reinstated during the meeting only the ZRA Board Chairman Charles Mutemwa who has been a golf partner for AB Chikwanda for 35 years knew Kabimba’s maneuvers. The Board members noted their Committee can only hear matters concerning Directors and Commissioner who they hire and advised that he appeals to the High Court. At that point Mr. Mutemwa overruled the members and offered to take blame with whatever will happen afterwards.

NGOCC in the quest to fight GBV and reinstating convicts met Mr. Msiska to ask him to fire Siame and he referred them to Mr. Mutemwa. NGOCC gave him an ultimate to ensure that Siame is fired by 15th October 2012. To buy time he requested them to make a presentation to the full Board on this matter. Siame was 11th October 2012 rewarded by been appointed as Director – Investigations and immediately given a brand new Pajero while other Directors are driving old pajeros. Siame moves with two body guards from Arm Secure who loiter on the second floor which has annoyed a lot of people.

A silent revolt is taking place in ZRA as can be seen in this email sent by some members of staff to the Human Resources department. (names and emails removed)

Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 8:29 AM
Subject: Some Food for thought this weekend

I am seeking clarification on Offence No. 28 in our disciplinary and grievance procedure code in in light of recent developments in ZRA.

The Questions I wish clarification on are the following:

1.     Is it still applicable or is it now null and void so that we may all freely fight and get away with it?

2.     If it is still applicable, does it apply to all ZRA employees or there are some to whom it does not apply?.

3.     If this code can be applied discretionally, can we HONESTLY claim that ZRA is a professionally run institution?

4.     Is what has been set a good or a bad precedent?

Help me please, before I suffocate from marveling at this situation which is worse than a pastor drinking milk whilst preaching at the pulpit!!

For those that may not have read it here is a cutting

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