PF councillor in Isoka quits, joins UPND

*Breaking News*

PF Kanyala ward Councillor in Isoka district of Muchinga province has resigned to join UPND


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    Politics nowander i hate it

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    Bwembya 2 weeks ago

    Has he been bought?

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    MUTOSE 2 weeks ago

    Those that are resigning from upnd are being welcomed by pf, why should the upnd do the same. Upnd welcome him and many more to come. That is the way to go. It is an indication that pf is losing ground, despite GBM being on the radio in the province. Shame.

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    Chisha Banada 2 weeks ago

    It has been common knowledge that PF had a project of buying Councillors of opposition parties. If one starts a dangerous project he or she should be careful that the same project could be used against you. If you design a method of killing people for example, you should not make that method fault proof. It could be used against you in future. Be careful about the tactics you introduce because they can be used against you?

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    This is needless really. Who wants a bye-election so close to a general election? If the UPND welcome this, then they’re not better than they should be.

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      @Max…whether the councillor joins UPND or opts to go farming, a bye-election will be held. Its not upnd’s fault