PF created the mess in Kitwe’s houses being demolished- Kapita

UPND vice-president Richard Kapita has reiterated his party’s call to the PF government to immediately halt the demolition of people’s houses going on in Kitwe and find a more humane solution.

And three women have so far given birth in the cold after their homes were demolished in Kitwe by a combined Zambia and Council Police force.

Speaking when he visited the affected homeless families over the weekend and when he addressed meetings in Kitwe, Kapita accused the PF government of having created the problem in the first place.

“It is a well-known fact that Kitwe City Council and others on the Copperbelt have been controlled by PF for a very long time now. It is the PF cadres running these councils on the Copperbelt that have been illegally and corruptly allocating these plots to residents during daylight. It is treacherous for them to now go at midnight and start razing people’s homes while people are sleeping with their children,” Mr. Kapita said.

Kapita, who also welcomed hundreds of defectors from PF and MMD to the UPND, said PF now in government need to properly and humanely resettle those people because they caused the situation in the place.

He disclosed that his party has so far offered some help in form of food and blankets to some affected families, especially that this was winter.

“I have to make it clear here that UPND does not support illegality of occupying other people’s properties. That is our stance as a party. But we all know that PF has been running these councils on the Copperbelt, Lusaka and other parts of the country for sometime now even before they came into office. Their cadres running these councils caused this problem by illegally and corruptly allocating plots to these people who thought they were dealing with genuine people. PF now in government should find an amicable solution to the mess they created than going round at night demolishing homes and leaving people with young children, in the cold” Mr. Kapita said.

And during his tour, Kapita learnt that over 600 families are now sleeping in the cold after their houses were demolished.

He questioned where the PF led councils were, when people were spending huge sums of money building houses to completion level only to demolish them at night in the cold season.

Mr. Kapita was also saddened to learn that three women from different families have so far given birth but have no houses to get back to, so they are spending night in the open air on makeshift beds. “This is appalling”, quipped Kapita.

He described the situation as very touching and cruel of the highest order on the part of the regime that claims to be a caring and poor people’s government.

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