PF creates special media outfit to bribe independent media

House of BLVXK – A secret PF media aimed at blocking opponents, by bribing media houses and journalists (check label of “HOB” on this pic of Tasila Lungu)

By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

Full Audio recording notes informer asked, I donot share the voice recording with a single soul, but can write down. (And am keeping my word).

Audio recording extract from
voice to written words

Sorry Musamba. You got me on my way to an important meeting. House of BLVXK basically is a conduit that was created by PF to run the 2016 elections. It was actually managed by Amos Chanda and it was conduit were money was landing to pay all the media houses.

So, if you saw the way the elections were done. Oscar Chavula of HOT FM was always flying with the president and were always covering Edgar’s rallies everywhere across Zambia. It is exactly were he was getting the monies from as well. If you ask me, how I know this? It is because we have a radio station (won’t mention town) and we also got the money too through the same office. I was actually basically the one that got to broker those deals for our radio station.

So house of BLVXK is basically a media team that does all the media campaign for PF prior to any elections. So I can confirm that even 2021 the plan has already started. So for the sake of not blowing up the names of other guys in it, I can’t mention the names for now, but I know the current presidential press aide and Tasila Lungu are leading the team.

Are building a media team totally different and independent from the bullshit and nonsense of abena Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza. They are no way near it. So like it was then Amos Chanda managed it and a lot of money moved around, got to be given to bribe radio stations, to black out opposition or other political candidates. So if you see what basically happened in 2016 elections. HH never received favourable coverage. Prior to that were media houses labelled as very critical of govt, those were target and paid lots of money, also instructed not to air any opposition materials even if it is paid for. So if you were to chase HH for example? Give him a very huge bill cannot afford.

I think if you ask the guys in UPND what Oscar gave HH then in the elections and the quotation he gave him was too huge and HH refused. That was basically profiteering and were no where near the standard rates a radio station can give.

If the agenda would be to do the same things. You will see cases e.g with HOT FM Zambia, HH yes would be given audience but it will be a very minimal audience compared to PF, because are compromised and tide to a underhand contract that will be signed and will be paid a lot of money.

And this guys will go to whatever length to deal with and embarrass those with opposing views to PF in the case of what happened to Lindah Kasonde the other day, despite HOT FM ZAMBIA knowing Tutwa had a different Bill 10 not submitted, he was debating from, as to what Linda had.

So House of BLVXK are regrouping and going to spend money and I mean lots of it. Coming from deals of corrupt Chinese, Lebanse and every minister that want to remain relevant and readopted . It’s a big thing basically money from the corrupt Chinese deals.

In 2016 the money used was profit from Mukula money the corrupt Chinese then that were involved in smuggling it were told as a reward that they drop bags of money at House of BLVXK.

I tell you we queued up, I was there, SUN FM owner was there, the Munyama brothers, Oscar was equally there, Kenny Tonga was there. Basically all the big boys in the radio media industry were there.

So in 2021 those who are objective will be fair with their coverage and those who are not objective, will take the money again and completely block out UPND.

So that’s what House of BLVXK is all about. It is an evil thing to even exists in Zambia.

P:S Left out advice given to UPND to counter such.

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