PF criminals given too much freedom – Kangombe

PF criminals given too much freedom – Kangombe


Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe has described ‘Total nonsense accusations by the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) member Raphel Nakachinda that President Hakainde Hichilema is summoning Judges to intimidate and coerce them to come up with one party state.

Romeo said the accusation is not only false but alarming to the nation and Mr Nakachinda must prove his allegation. Earlier today Mr Nakachinda said President Hichilema over the weekend summoned judges to intimidate them and coerced them to form one party state.

“Give a fool a yard he will take a mile. This is the case of PF criminals who now led conmen Given Lubinda and Nakachinda. These are professional conmen who make a living out of deception and lying. A government that intends to make a one party state cannot give so much freedom to the opposition like the New Dawn government has done. Instead of appreciating the new peaceful political environment the PF is now trying use this peace to incite citizens to rise against government and the President using fake propaganda. We shall not tolerate this nonsense anymore, we shall engage law enforcement agencies because even freedom has limits” said Kangombe

The Sesheke lawmaker said the opposition parties need to be careful and avoid making false alarming statements.

“Mr Nakachinda should get a job and stop making a living on cheap politicking which might lead him to prison if he is not careful.” Charged Kangombe.

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