PF deaths threats riles Ex-Freedom fighter Associatio​n

A FORMER Secretary General of the disbanded Former Freedom Fighters  League of Zambia advised who has been receiving death threats from the Patriotic Front (PF) ministers and cadres has threatened to engage the international  community for sanctions if corrective measures are not put in place.
Dickson Kaminda said some government officials were sending death threats to  him because they accuse him of leading a contingent of people on the  Copperbelt who were de-campaigning President Sata soon after the  September 2011 Presidential and General elections.

He said some PF cadres called him on the phone and asked him to explain how the PF government had wronged the people of Zambia.
Mr Kaminda, who is also a Free lance Journalists, told the Zambian Watch Dog that the PF government was  treating citizens perceived to have been loyal to the previous  government like its sworn enemies.

He said he was one of the people who had received death threats from the  PF big wigs who included a named cabinet minister and PF cadre who has  now been made District Commissioner.
“I was forced to report the two PF cabinet ministers and a cadre at the Kitwe Central Police Station  because they allegedly put my life in danger, but despite opening the docket, the investigation officer could not perform his  duties without instructions from above.
“Actually one of the officers told me  that, the police can only arrest a government official under instructions not to do  their job on their own.
“To make matters worse, one of the senior government  officials secretly diverted a cabinet office land line to intimidate me , without any discernible reasons, He lamented.

He said police officers advised him to avoid drinking places when he went  to report the death threats he had received from the PF big wigs.

The embattled Journalist said the PF should not threaten the rights of  citizens who campaigned for the MMD regardless of their razor thin or  landslide victory because the country needs a smooth transition.

Mr Kaminda emphasized that there must be an orderly transition of power  from the MMD to PF, and that cadres should place interests of citizens  above their political party.
He said PF cadres should bear in mind the fact that their victory is not  permanent, that they will not change rules of the game in their favor  and that their boat  may capsize during the next elections.

Mr Kaminda advised President Michael Sata to hold a press  conference and iron out all the burning issues in the country before the bottled up anger inside Zambians explodes and set the country ablaze.

He said, under the PF government, many things had gone wrong in  the country and so it was imperative that the republican President  provided leadership by holding a press conference to iron out burning  issues to avoid the country from burning into flames.
Mr Kaminda said the abuse of citizens’ human rights with impunity was one of the issues which the PF government of Mr Sata should address in his efforts to relieve the growing tension in the country.

Mr Kaminda charged that the country was drifting back to the UNIP days  when citizens with diverse views were either black listed or eliminated  and wondered if Dr Kenneth Kaunda was running the country by remote  control.
“The abuse of citizens’ human rights with impunity has contributed to the  growing tension in the country.This growing tension in the country which needs to be relieved or else this country will be set ablaze.
“This is the reason why we are appealing to President Sata to hold a press conference and iron  out all the burning issues in the country before the bottled up anger  inside Zambians explodes and set the country ablaze,” Mr Kaminda said.
Meanwhile, Mr Kaminda has regretted the delay of debating the Freedom of Information Bill in parliament.
He has also appealed to President Sata to consult opposition political  party leaders before their members are given ministerial jobs.
“It’s most unfortunate to note that the Freedom of Information Bill still  appears to be a pipe-dream. Besides, the appointment of opposition MPs  as ministers without consultation should not be encouraged because its  more or less poaching.
“Poaching opposition MPs on the pretext that you want to form an inclusive  government behind their leaders back is a recipe for violence,” He said.

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