PF depending on Litunga to pass bill 10

Here is what is happening at parliament regarding the infamous Bill 10.

The PF is counting on MPs from Western Province (Barotseland) to vote in favour of amending the constitution. The problem is that most of the MPs except two have refused.

The PF is now working day and night with Litunga to force the MPs to vote with PF.

The Litunga on the other hand has given PF conditions for him to force MPs to support Bill 10. The Litunga together with members of his Barotse Royal Establishment have told PF to restore the Barotseland agreement clause in the Constitution .

The PF is stuck but now looking at ways they can tricky the Litunga. That is why they are dilly dallying to table the Bill in parliament. Don’t believe the lies about orienting MPs on Covid 19.

And Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has been in western province all this time trying to buy the MPs

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