PF destroys another reserve forest, turns it into headquarters

PF destroys another reserve forest, turns it into headquarters


By Friday Kashiwa

Those who are familiar with the Holy Bible will recall the last words by Jesus Christ before giving up his last breath; IT IS FINISHED.

Fellow Zambians, especially those who have been born and grown up in Lusaka know the old natural beauty of the Woodlands Chikoleka Forest.
IT IS FINISHED or about to.
First it was some not the so mysterious flats opposite Regiment Catholic Church. Then another demarcation to facilitate the building of the National House of Prayers.

For the last few months, there’s been massive clearing of another massive portion of the forest land, just opposite the Arackan barracks Eastern foot gate.
Now it has been confirmed that the cleared portion of the Forest will be used for the construction of a building to be used as the PF party Secretariat.
It is from this building that the ruling party will be hypocritically telling us Zambians to conserve the natural resources, like forests.

The Republican president Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be very annoyed with the Minister of Lands and Water Development Minister for not heeding to his directives as regards the effects of climate change.
He will also be annoyed with his speech writer for writing a speeches not reflecting his Government’s deeds regarding the climate change.
During the 4th Session of the 12th National Assembly as well as during the official opening of Parliament this year, the president directed that NO houses, any structures or factories are to built near or in any water resources points. Basically saying No destruction to trees anywhere, in view of climate change.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Ndashe Yumba will be very annoyed with his Speech Writers and his Directors for making him give a very moving and passionate speech at the ongoing Madrid Climate change Conference COP-25 in Madrid, Spain.
The PS reported to the Honorable and Distinguished Guests that Zambia is making tremendous strides in mitigating climate change.
PS sorry sir, now that you are back from Spain, pass through Chikoleka Forest areas and appreciate for your self that the party in Government, the PF is doing the opposite in mitigating climate change.

His Worship the Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa will be annoyed with himself that after some much publicized demonstrations of him planting some trees along Lumumba road and encouraging others to plant one or two in their areas, the opposite is the case few kilometers from his mayoral parlour.
Has the Mayor not seen this as it is on his way to his residence. Or we should forgive him, he’s always in a hurry to get home so that he can milk his lovely cows. He loves milk.

So who’s to blame. What’s happening at that heritage site of Chikoleka Forest? And for that matter all the other Forests across the country reportedly being destroyed by human act, led by the PF and it’s selfishness.

When, on the cross, as he received the drink, laced with bitter vinegar, Jesus Christ raised his head and in a loud voice shouted , IT IS FINISHED. With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.


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    luck of vision let them enjoy till it last

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    Diagusted 2 weeks ago

    It’s official, the greed in PF IS precedents. This is a very bad precedent. Now the next party takingniver government will also try to ‘chekela‘ themselves a piece of forest and the trend will continue until there is non left. Then the droughts will get worse. Then soil erosion. Then floods when it does resin as there will be few forest catchment areas. then pollution will increase with serious respiratory diseases increasing as forests act as ‘the lungs of the city’ that’s why London has Hyde Park, New York Central Park. Where are our Wangari Maathais who mobilized women to stand up to the KENYA government when they destroyed national forests and tired to destroy Nairobi park which is less wooded than our woodlands treasure. Honestly I pray they all begin to drop dead like flies before they destroy our country. I AM SO ANGRY

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      Zekolatu 2 weeks ago

      Memories of beginning of the end of Kitwe Freedom Park
      It read, we have been listening to former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili asking where Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu got his money from to be extremely rich in a very short period of time. He has not been answered.
      We have taken time to investigate and try to answer him on behalf of Edgar Lungu though we have not been appointed Lungu’s mouthpiece. Ba Kambwili some of the money Lungu has came from the National Pension Fund Authority (NAPSA). Here is how Lungu got that money. The former developers of Kitwe Freedom Park Shopping Mall a company called Platinum Gold Equity decided to sell the project at US 33 million to Napsa. They engaged a law firm owned by former Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and his brother Nchima Nchito. The Law firm is called Nchima and Nchito Associates. The developers and the law firm agreed on a transaction fee of 10 percent. This means that the law firm was going to get 3.3 million dollars as commission.
      Lewis Mosho probably Zambia’s most corrupt lawyer got wind of this. This was at the time when the Post Newspapers was about to under go liquidation engineered by Mosho. Mosho was worried that this money could end up with Fred Mmembe who is a close ally to the Nchitos. Mosho was worried that Mmembe could use the money to pay the disputed Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) debt. Mosho with the help of Robert Chawinga the liquidation manager for the Post had to find a way of blocking the law firm. They asked Fackson Shamenda then Minister of Labour to briefly halt the transaction as they muted plans. Shamenda agreed.
      Then Mosho approached now Supreme Court Judge Charles Kajimanga to issue a court order to stop the transaction. Judge Kajimanga refused because he saw no reason. Mosho then approached now also Supreme Judge Nigel Mutuna who also refused. Why where these judges approached? the answer is Simple. These are the judges whom Fred Mmembe during the days of Michael Sata dragged to the tribunal over the liquidation of Zambian Airways. Mosho believed that these judges will take it personal and block the transaction because they had personal vandetta. Surprisingly, the judges said the issue was purely business and no reason to stop it. Mosho then had to travel to Kitwe to obtain an order from Kitwe High Court Judge Isaac Tantameni Chali. The Nchitos law firm was blocked. Napsa was then asked to pay through Mosho’s Law firm called Lewis and Nathan Associates.
      Mosho, Shamenda and Lungu shared this money. That is how Shamenda rose from rags to Riches and bought a farm in Lusaka along Mikango Barracks Road. The following month Lungu had to personally fly to Kitwe to launch the shopping Mall which is even named after him. It is called the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Shopping Mall. What nonsense. Anyway we can not even by a Toothpick from such a mall. As if this was not enough, Mosho through Napsa single sourced a construction company managed by his friend to do the construction works. The company is called Steffanuchi and is managed by Watson Ngambi who is former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Supply also former Director Roads Development Agency (RDA). So Mr. Kambwili we have answered on behalf of Edgar Lungu. Stop bothering him. He is not a petty thief but a very big criminal.

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    The Worshipper 2 weeks ago

    I passed through there last week and asked someone what was happening they said they were building a mall.  So it’s PF Sectetariat coming up? There’s another Council place in Woodlands where you could buy tree/shrub seedling I found it closed and buildings are being constructed there.Theres also some stories going round that York Farm has been sold?  Please keep us informed and updated on this.  

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    At this time, silence will be golden. I will just observe and take note.