PF scheme to stretch opposition parties with legal battles and by-election

PF scheme to stretch opposition parties with legal battles and by-election

Sources within the PF have disclosed that they have now devised a plan to continuously entangle the opposition parties in expensive legal battles and by-elections.

Sources have told the Watchdog that if the opposition parties wont be careful, they will not make inroads in the PF strongholds because they will mainly be confined to defending their seats and fighting legal battles arising from flimsy charges.

“As things stand now, opposition parties will end-up confining themselves in their areas where PF had no structures or foot-print but as long as there is a by-election in an area, the PF will gain more by having their presence felt in those areas,” sources said.

PF insiders said after the Livingstone by-elections, the nation will move to Kapiri Mposhi in Central province and Lukulu West in Western province which were opposition areas.

After these areas, the nation is likely to move to Sinazongwe and some other by-elections in Western province where UPND MPs will be expelled, but these are opposition party strongholds where the PF has no structures at all.

Sources said by so doing, the PF is technically putting the opposition on their defence all the time as they put up structures in those areas.

“If the opposition had financial muscles, it is high time they also moved and hold rallies and meetings into PF strongholds such as Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces so that they can equally put PF on their defence in those areas and set-up structures. The opposition should realise that things were not okay in the PF government and should take full advantage if they want to be very competitive in case of anything,” PF insiders said.

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