PF’s dirty rigging scheme finally unearthed

A serious loophole in the electoral process has been unearthed in which the ruling PF has massively capitalised for rigging through the on-going continuous voter registration exercise at Show Grounds in Lusaka.

Senior PF government officials and months of Watchdog investigations has revealed that with the law allowing anyone to register, update, or replace voters cards, the ruling PF has been shifting their paid loyal members from one ward or constituency to wherever a bye-election will be held and beef-up numbers.

Sources close to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) also detected and confirmed a serious trend where many people showed interest to update their voter’s credentials from one polling station to places where bye-elections will be held as this is allowed.

This rigging formula was massively used during the last bye-elections in Mufumbwe and various wards across the country that saw PF ferry a lot of their members mainly from Lusaka and Copperbelt to go and vote in other places, particularly in Mufumbwe constituency and the wards in the country.

As a counter measure, ECZ yesterday put up an advert in state owned Zambia Daily Mail page 3 announcing suspension of continuous voters registration exercise in places where elections will be taking place.

But even then, this measure will, from now, only apply when a date for a bye election has been announced in a particular area, meaning anyone is still legally allowed to shift their voting point from say Mandevu constituency in Lusaka to Livingstone constituency and be eligible to vote in the forth coming bye-election.

Watchdog investigations have also revealed that even with this ECZ measure, the ruling party still has an upper hand because being the people controlling the system, they will always know where a bye-election will soon be taking place and beef-up their numbers.

Sources gave an a example of a situation where a member of parliament or councillor can be bribed and told to keep quiet until there are enough numbers in the area before he announces resignation as was the case with Livingstone’s Howard Sikwela.

If the opposition political parties have one or two intelligent people in their ranks, we challenge them to compare and scrutinise the voters registers that were used in September 2011 elections and the ones being used now in detail.

Some of the opposition political members spoken to expressed total ignorance as they thought the changes in the voters registers through the on-going continuous voters registration exercise at Lusaka Show grounds will only be effected in 2016 general elections.

But as the ECZ advert confirms, the continuous updates are with immediate effect and someone is legally eligible to change as many times as possible and qualify to vote anywhere.

The opposition parties spoken to confessed that even if they were to participate in this dirty electoral scheme, they cannot match the financial and logistical muscle enjoyed by the ruling party to run such an operation.

In the last bye-elections, the ruling PF scooped Mufumbwe constituency and 12 out of the 14 ward by-elections in what president Michael Sata boasted that his party had continued gaining popularity as the only party with a national character and appeal.

“Indeed, the PF has gained incredible ground in North-Western, Western, Eastern and Central provinces. The recent victories in Chavuma, Luena, Petauke, Muchinga, Rufunsa, Chibombo and many others; are a clear testimony of this rapid progression,” President Sata said.

The ruling party has also taken advantage of the usual voter apathy that characterize bye-elections to use this dirty scheme combined with bribery.



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    The MP who lost in Mufumbwe has been advised to scrutinise the September, 2011 voters register with one used recently, after which he should petition the results in the High Court. Masumba cannot win elections.

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    readbeforeyouwrite 5 years

    Then why accuse Lubinda of leaking info when it is State House that is actively doing so? Kabimba, the people you need to discipline are at state house.

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    Koma Kaya Mwee!!! 5 years

    I urge the people to be vigilant in the respective constiuences.

    The cosmetic popularity has been busted.

    Just surprised how a known ‘crook’ won in Mufumbwe.

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    Patriot Zambian 5 years

    For those who love Zambia, and not just access to cashing govt cheques, it really pains to read stories such as this from the Post (Monday 07 January 2013):

    ” … In an interview, Namulambe, who recently resigned as MMD Mpongwe member of parliament to join PF, said the opposition in the constituency was non-existent.
    “They will have difficulties even selecting candidates to stand on their tickets because most of the prominent people from Mpongwe have crossed over to PF,” Namulambe said.

    He said the people of Mpongwe wanted development and that this could only be realised by working with the government of the day.”

    What kind of politician is this? Who says being in opposition is anti-development or indeed anti-Zambia when the opposition is credibly provided for in our constitution to ensure the much needed checks and balances on the government of the day? And who says being in opposition is being against government?? Clearly, if this once supposedly honourable gentleman is correctly quoted, then there must be a lot missing from him to justify being entrusted with the people’s resources. I hope and look forward to hearing that he has been misquoted.

    Zambia is made to bleed profusely to abject poverty because governance systems are allowed to be raped while citizens turn a blind eye. It is hight time we not only said No, no, no to mediocrity, but most importantly also chased away all sources of such mediocrity from governance establishmenmts.

    Very Concerned Patriot.

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    lubi 5 years

    this country has been sold to satan himself and the worst is yet to happen

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    abyei 5 years

    we are finished.

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    shimpundu ponopono 5 years

    Ba sata please dont harm this country any further it will be very costly to reverse what you are doing to this country.Please Please Ba sata twapapata sana.

    Some people will never see things beyond thier bellies.When you move in the streets at least 7 out of 10 people are complaining about your brutal dictatorship.

    What ever you do you and your party will not remain in power for ever,remember Idi Amin,Hitler, they are no longer there.

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    This is really sad no wonder PF is happier each time there are bye elections. Days are numbered

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    hittler 5 years

    Ubuchenjeshi bwa Nkoko,Pungwa tasakamana.UNIP Did what they cud to Remain in Power but time Came and they were booted out.MMD did the same and time came,PF Do what you can but Note that (akampeshi)Tìme is and will always be the greatest Healer.You will equally be booted out.

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    CNP-4U 5 years

    idiots..they will not win Livingstone this time around the space..we want principled people..

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    'e' the independent f(x) 5 years

    another way is by ‘buying’ voters’ documents in the respective areas, then give to potted individuals and corrupt key polling officials to ignore the faces!

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    'e' the independent f(x) 5 years

    i determined how they were rigging like that way, way back, but i had issues with how they fitted new names in old registers. i explained to a number people this,

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    i dont think i will eva voter in my lyf its realy useless to vote…..some mangwamz thot rulilng a household can b compared to ruling a nation shaaaaam on you chimu……..ata……..fuseke…..

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    peace preacha 5 years

    uko elyo lwanya god help us

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    Muntu 5 years

    No mata what 2016 is for HH not the old man, he ll go with his useless coin

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    If this is true then its free for all including the opposition so why complain just use it as well. Stop being cry babies.

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      Yes let the opposition shift to mpongwe, livingstone etc

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        Wenye 5 years

        Yes thats democracy

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      zambian 5 years

      how on earth will the opposition parties know there will be a by-election unless the announcement is made by the ruling party? think people think!!

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        The Academician 5 years

        By elections are caused by people in the wards,constituencies where each political party is represented by established structures and hence should be able to know who is going to resign or where a by-election is to held

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    Mambwe 5 years

    Any dirty schemes linked to the breaking of the electoral laws are deemed to be punishable by the Courts of Law. The big question is: If any party embarks on dirty schemes to rig the elections, which Institution as mandated by our Constitution can prescribe charges to bring such offending party to the Courts of Law? However, if we casually examine the calibre of the Minister of Justice, the DPP. the Attorney General and other elements assembled to administer the Ministry of Justice, we wonder whether the rule of Law can be upheld in Zambia under the present foggy climate.

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    Likman666 5 years

    the best way to stay in power as a ruling party is simple work for the people this scheme costs billions of kwacha well millions in the new currency that money should be driven towards development…..

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    Kafwimbi 5 years

    I like the way public officers in the US are subjected to credibility and integrity tests before being given offices. We need to adopted this kind of approach next time.

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    Democrat 5 years

    The people of Zambia will rise to this nonsense and these politicians that think they are untouchable will get what they deserve. Nothing last forever! Lets circulate this report to every Zambian so they can know what is going on.

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    Kantolo 5 years

    This explains it…I never believed PF was more popular in Mufumbwe.

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    Sindiso 5 years

    Yaba, iyi iliko bad. This is a very serious eye opener for opposition. The key is to come to your senses, shed off any iota of pride and do the most sensible thing: UNITE. Apart from that like others have suggested before me, employ all known strategies like PF’s own PVT and others. It is not easy for PF to win an election right now without tricks. They have not expelled Given only because they are still beefing up their number on the roll. The only problem is that we are dealing with a group of people who will not sit at a round table to talk sense.(PF) for them, it is confrontation all the way. It’s also very easy to see who is behind all this. God come help us!

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    These pf politician nimatuvi chabe yabantu.
    Why can’t we just organize ourselves and don’t vote !!!

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    Sata's dog selling son Mulenga Sata. 5 years

    Why do you people vote ?
    What profit or benefit do you get from voting or these politician ?
    Using your own transport,energy etc. but at the end of the day the same politician steal your votes,
    period !!!!!

    We should just unite and no one should go and vote ,to teach them a lesson that the voters are the most important people.
    I’ll never vote for a minion who doesn’t care for my vote. BLOODY BASKET POLITICIAN