PF discards Kapita, replaces him with ex convict Masumba as campaign manager in Solwezi East

Confusion has rocked the PF campaigns for the Solwezi West parliamentary by elections as embattled and rejected Richard Kapita, who was appointed campaign manager for the party candidate Martin Mbaya, has been removed.
Mr Kapita has now been replaced with disgruntled Mufumbwe MP Steven Masumba.
“We are clearly headed for an embarrassing loss because the people of Solwezi West have rejected Kapita. He has no influence here whatsoever and the people are now refusing to be addressed by him and were even throwing back the PF chitenges he was giving out,” said an inside source.

The source said even president Lungu is disappointed that Kapita misled him that he was popular in the North-western province when his family has refused to follow him.

The source said president Lungu has reluctantly bowed down to pressure from within the party ranks to replace Kapita.

Boisterous former Solwezi mayor Emmanuel Chihili, who was fired from Kansanshi Mine after he diverted building materials meant for construction of schools and health centers, has returned his deputy campaign manager position.

Apparently, starting from its candidate, the PF has lined up criminals to manage the Solwezi West campaigns.

Kapita made a fortune from stealing campaign fund from the UPND, while the party candidate Martin Mbaya has been used to solicit bribes through Edgar Lungu’s criminal schemes.

Meanwhile Mr Kapita has refused to go back to Mwinilunga to campaign for his Nephew Howard Sameta, the former UPND councillor he defected with.

Elvis Samakayi, a peasant farmer in Mwinilunga said Kapita was sent back with 7 bicycles he tried to bribe the people of Mwinilunga with.

He said Mwinilunga residents asked him to take back the bicycles he wanted to give them and come back with the money to buy their maize.

He said Kapita has never gone back and even his nephew has abandoned the campaigns.

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