PF dispatches thugs armed with machetes to maim Solwezi residents

Three buses ladden with jerabos from the Copperbelt are on the way to Solwezi to cause mayhem by hacking and beatind residents.

The jerabos have been given specific orders from Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili to disrupt HH’s campaign programmes in Solwezi.

Sources from within the jerabos and PF say government is not happy with the support the people of North Western province have given the UPND leader and his party

“Ba Kambwili has provided resources for us to travel to Solwezi. Kwalaba kafwafwa pantu twalamusambilisha uyu umwaiche,” said the source who also disclosed that they are differences amongst the jerabos over the mission as they are divided over who to support.

A source in the PF say the jerabos will be unleashed on HH and will be reinforced with paramilitary officers from Kanfinsa who are already on the ground.

But Solwezi residents have warned that those travelling to disrupt HH’s meetings will have themselves to blame.

“Ask them if they know the p…….arrows. People here are warriors and ready to die for HH,” said a senior Lunda elder.

The commander of the North-western province Tribal Warriors said he has issued orders to his men to prepare for war.

They have further warned that Kambwili is also putting the life of Vice president Inonge Wina at risk by sending jerabos to provoke violence.

The PF have been rejected in Northern despite dishing out K50 to K100 notes and bicycles to voters to sway the vote in their favour.

However, the UPND has encouraged voters in Solwezi West to get whatever they are being given as it proceeds of corrupt PF deals.

North-western province has largely been ignored by the PF Government despite the region contributing a big chunky to the national treasury.

President Lungu three months ago commissioned the Chingola-Solwezi road but the people are the road cannot win him any support.

Kambwili has always insulted the people of North Western province, three years ago he said the tribes of the region “balishalila kunuma kwati amatako” literally translated to mean the people of the region are dull, stupid and backward like buttocks.

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