PF diverts Mpongwe bye-election free education promises to Muchinga province

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott and his PF government has finally fulfilled the Mpongwe bye-elections campaign promises of free education to pupils by implementing it Nakonde, Muchinga province.

Cheating voters in Mpongwe ahead of an upcoming by-election, Scott announced that the Patriotic Front (PF) government will soon start offering free secondary education in the country, but what he did not tell them is that the programme was for Muchinga province, at least for now.

Government media propaganda wing, Zanis reports that government has granted bursaries to over one hundred school going vulnerable children in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province.

Nakonde district Social Welfare officer Manasseh Phiri says that currently 102 school going vulnerable children were enjoying the facility in various Government secondary schools in the district.

“Last year our office recommended 102 school going vulnerable children in the district to be on government bursary and all of them have since started receiving services in various schools,” said Mr. Manasseh.

Mr. Phiri said that pupils being sponsored include those in Grade 8 up to Grade Twelve, adding that all of them are on 100 percent Government bursary.

He said that 102 pupils were among the 200 pupils who have been put on waiting list due to limited resources.

He further observed that this year the number of children seeking for Government sponsorship is expected to be higher.

He added that this is due to a drastic increase in school fees this year by many schools.

Mr. Phiri has since appealed to all school managers in the area to consider reducing school fees in order to accommodate many children in their schools.

He observed that failure to reduce the school fees is likely to cause a negative impact on the country’s literacy level.

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