PF diverts relief maize from Serenje to bribe Kapiri Mposhi voters

The Patriotic Front Campaign Manager for Kapiri-Mposhi By-elections Phillip Kosamu is reported to be diverting relief maize meant for other constituencies in Central Province to Kapiri.

A source close to Kosamu who is also Central Province Minister told the Zambian Watchdog that Kosamu has been collecting bags of Maize from Serenje Food Reserve Agency depot to Kapirimposhi for distribution to would be voters.

The source said Kosamu has so far collected 2000 bags that he has distributed to Kapirimposhi. The source said the Maize was meant for Serenje, Chitambo and Muchinga constituencies but was diverted to Kapirimposhi.

And another source close to Kosamu said Kosamu would not mind about the story being exposed because he knows the people behind it.

The source who declined to be named because he has not been authorised to speak on behalf of Kosamu said the people behind these reports may be Mr. Chanda Mutale losing parliamentary candidate for Chitambo who fought with Kosamu during filing of nominations for Muchinga parliamentary by-elections.

“You can go ahead and write because our campaign manager knows the people behind it. It is Chanda Mutale who fought with Kosamu during by-elections in Muchinga were Howard Kunda emerged victorious” the source said.

The source who seems to acknowledge the scam said apart from Chanda Mutale, his friends have also been having differences with Ibolelo Ward Councillor Chester Kasande who is Kosamu’s confidant.

Kasande has also been accused of misappropriating Constituent Development Funds with Kosamu.

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