PF diverts TEVETA donor money to by-elections

The PF government has diverted K5 million (K5 billion old currency) from grant aided institutions under the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVETA) and sent K1 million (K1 billion) to each of the five constituencies for directly bribing voters.

Highly placed government sources from Ministry of Finance and Bank of Zambia have disclosed that the amount meant for TEVETA institutions such Evelyn Hone College, NORTEC, and other trades institutions was withdrawn from the Bank of Zambia.

Highly placed sources say the amount was withdrawn in small notes so that they can easily dish out to the starving villagers in the five constituencies where elections are taking place.

The money is also meant for cheap ZTE phones and foods for starving villagers shortly before voting day.

“It is so sad because PF now is even worse than MMD was when it comes to recklessness and corruption. Students in these institutions are normally demonstrating and rioting due to poor learning facilities but PF have decided to deprive them of the funding,” the sources close to the transaction has disclosed.

Sources within PF say they are taking this election as a dress rehearsal for the soon to be held presidential by-election when president Michael Sata gives up.

“You can imagine if the can give each villager even K50, out of the K1 million (K1 billion), they would already have an in-built voters,” sources say.

The colleges that have been deprived of these resources are due to open next week for the examinations term and semester.

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