PF, ECZ in urgent meeting to cancel Mangango by-election

As predicted by the Zambian Watchdog, senior PF leaders are pushing and forcing the Electoral Commission of Zambia to cancel the Mangango by-election on the pretext that UPND is causing violence in the area.

That’s why even the PF aligned Post newspaper has been writing negative stories claiming UPND are causing violence yet it is the PF that is creating violence deliberately for the sole purpose of cancelling the polls.
By 10:30 local time, PF leaders were locked up in a meeting with Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officials. In the meeting were Director of elections Pricilla Isaacs, Special Assistant to the president for Press George Chellah, ECZ spokesperson Joseph Akufuna, Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili, together with Christopher Yaluma and Office of the president Director General Martin Mwanambale trying to compel ECZ to cancel the by-election citing too much violence and malpractice from opposition UPND.

But the real reason, as was earlier reported by the Watchdog is that ailing president Michael Sata would not manage to travel for election campaigns, the first time a sitting Head of State perhaps the whole world, has failed to campaign for his party.

Reports on the ground indicate that the PF will loss the election with an embarrassing margin as it has now emerged that even the PF candidateRogers Lyambai Lingweshi and his family are dedicated UPND supporters.

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