PF, ECZ plot to disqualify HH and GBM

PF, ECZ plot to disqualify HH and GBM

FB_IMG_1440188128757The evil PF in collusion with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), led by Rupiah Banda’s cousin Esau Chulu have connived to disqualify UPND presumptive running mate Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) whether he has legit requisite academic qualifications or not.

The PF and ECZ have further connived to disqualify UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichbilema from running for the presidency on ground that his running mate does not qualify. (This is how a civil war will start).

The other week, Esau Chulu leaked part of the scheme when he stated that if a running mate is disqualified, the presidential candidate is also automatically disqualified ‘because the two are one.’

According to sources close to the evil project, the ECZ has been told by president Edgar Lungu and have agreed to reject whatever grade 12 certificate GBM will present, even if it is genuine. Part of the scheme will be to accept GBM’s credentials initially (on day of filing in) but later, when it is too late, tell him that his nomination has been rejected, and therefore he and HH have been disqualified. At this point this would be a matter for the constitutional court to handle but then this particular court is comprised mainly of PF cadres such as Mungeni, a disgrace to the law profession. In any case the Constitutional Court has not yet been operationalised meaning it can not hear cases so it will have to be the supreme court where there is still some hope depending on the composition of judges hearing a particular case.

If the scheme to block GBM on account of academic papers fails, the PF will instruct one or two of the magistrates handling his numerous trumped-up charges he is facing to find him guilty and send him to prison for at least three months, thereby effectively knocking him off the race.

GBM is the most favourite to be HH’s running mate among UPND supporters and ZWD fully support the idea of GBM as running mate.

The PF knows fully well that if GBM is adopted as running mate, the UPND is guaranteed of at least 60 per cent votes at round one. Still more, even if GBM is not picked but supports whoever would be running mate, the UPND would still win but with a slightly lower percentage. This assertion is based on the simple fact that, the UPND has kept its traditional strongholds very intact, but has also made serious inroads in areas where the PF has been winning during Michael Sata’s time. On the other hand, the PF has failed to penetrate the UPND strongholds but has also failed to maintain its former strongholds.



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