PF elders and chiefs prevail on Sata to abandon the Kabimba presidency project

Only Bemba ministers attended this meeting

After trying several projects and calculations, the man at the centre of the PF succession gambling Fred Mmembe now seems to be losing the battle to install Wynter Kabimba president as the Kola Foundation has prevailed against the idea.

Senior sources within the PF say ailing president Michael Sata has been forced to dump the Kabimba presidency project engineered by Fred Mmembe, and is now considering his uncle Alexander Chikwanda to take over till 2016 when a suitable candidate will be identified.

Sources said president Sata almost fell for the idea of giving Kabimba because of pressure from Mmembe and former president Kenneth Kaunda even if he (Sata) does not even trust them fully.

But elders from Muchinga province have finally prevailed on him (Sata) to completely abandon the idea, especially after the experience from late Levy Mwanasawa who was given power by late Frederick Chiluba and later turned against him.

“After the continuous rumours about Kabimba succeeding Mr. Sata, elders from the Kola Foundation went to seek for clarification from the president who did not give them a clear answer. It was at that stage that they decided to engage the chiefs from Muchinga province to also add their voice against giving power to an outsider like Kabimba.

Sources said this week’s closed door meeting between Mr. Sata and the chiefs from Muchinga province finally sealed the failed Kabimba’s fate for presidential bid being championed by Mmembe and his group.

Impeccable sources said people like Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who is also being undermined by the Mmembe and Kabimba group have been working underground with the Kola Foundation and had to involve the chiefs to also add the voice to have Chikwanda take-over.

Sources said ordinarily when the president is meeting chiefs from any province, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo and other related ministers would also be present and later a statement would be issued on what has been discussed.

But from this meeting, only Mr. Chikwanda and vice-president Guy Scott were present and so far there has been no statement on what was being discussed other than the famous pictures that were flashed.

Sources said Mr. Chikwanda as Finance Minister does not normally attend these meetings because he is a busy person who also handles presidential duties and the chiefs affairs issues have nothing to do with him.

“In fact we were surprised when you guys were writing about Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba being the preferred successor in the event of the presidential by-election. Kabimba without him knowing was just being used like a dog to chase away other people as Mr. Sata has been told in no uncertain terms never to give him the mantle,” sources said.

Sources said besides Mr. Sata does not actually trust these boys (Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba) and was now told to give it to his uncle Mr. Chikwanda til 2016 and eventually manage the process thereafter.

Sources said the PF is so far in a huge fundraising drive for the eminent presidential by-election that may see each constituency receiving about K1 billion campaign funds.

“Most of the money is from road contracts, and you know that Mr. Sata’s campaign manager Willie Nsanda is the current Roads Development Agency (RDA) chairman which is managed at State House,” sources said.

Impeccable sources said the Mmembe group initially thought the Kabimba project would actually work, but they have been told to forget about it because the man (Kabimba) was not popular, an outsider, and not sellable even within the PF.

“In fact, Wynter is considered to be an outsider in the PF who is only close to Mr. Sata otherwise there is a huge revolt in PF against him and the Mmembe group that is being considered to be destroying the party.

Kabimba was only allowed by the president fix former president Rupiah Banda and other opponents like Given Lubinda,” sources said.

Sources said unless things change, Kabimba is nowhere near the PF presidency as there is a huge revolt against him by the Kola Foundation group that holds the PF presidency.

“In fact, the other option still on the table is to bring in NAREP president Elias Chipimo jnr or even MMD Lunte MP Felix Mutati, but from the latest meetings with the president, the Kola Foundation group has settled for Sata’s uncle Finance Minister Chikwanda as someone who can temporarily hold the party together and lead the presidency till 2016 when a suitable successor will have been groomed,” Sources said.

Sources said, in order to disguise the Kola Foundation tribal tag in the PF government and party, Kabimba may possibly be considered for the position of vice-presidency which is largely ceremonious in Zambia.

“Naimwe mwalishebe ati bamudala tabaleunfwa bwino elyo kuti bafileka anytime (You also know that the old man [Sata] is not feeling well and can give up power anytime). So he wants to give someone he really trusts and not these boys. Mr. Sata maybe be sick but was also told not to forget some of the insults and humiliation some of these boys subjected him in the past ,” sources said.

Sources said the president actually knows that the Mmembe cartel only supported him after the bid to install former Finance Minister Ngandu Magande as president failed in MMD after late Levy Mwanawasa died.

According to sources, Mr. Chikwanda is considered level headed who has been against most the evil schemes by the Mmembe that wanted him on his side but have failed so far to win him.


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    not even lubinda, chikwanda or chipimo, but hh is our next president.

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    charles 5 years


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    jack 5 years

    zambians why are we allowing these bembas to step on our heads and mismanage our resources like this.since when did the bemba chiefdom become so powerful to the extent of lobing the government and dictating the future of this country. have influence on the affairs of the nation and label other chiefdoms all sort of tribal names.this open tribalism by bembas has to stop.

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    Mpongo Muleya 5 years

    This is what I call the first version of official Zambian tribalism.
    The second version is when someone from North-western, Southern or Western Province becomes popular and forms a political party. That party is quickly labeled tribal. What a nonsense.

    The so called Kola group has no right to colonize the rest of the country and call innocent citizens with different views as tribal.

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    Pf founder member 5 years

    Kabimba cant be president of this country, not even Shikulu Chikwanda. It should not happen in the history of Zambia. We wish the president well.

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    Ayihewu 5 years

    Days are numbered for the CPN, even if they were to billions on by-elections, they will never enjoy legacy as most people are complaining over the redundancies in these far as we are alive, even the grave PF shall be held accountable for the money

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    Correct me – Wyntre Kabimba’s mother and President Sata are cousin. This makes Wyntre a nephew to the President. So how is he an outsider now? May be this is a good wake up call for some people who turn themselves into ‘useful idiots’ at the expense of national good

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      Bigboss 5 years

      Kabimba can not be trusted simply because he has created more enemies within Pf and is arrogant.

      By virtual of being born from a cousin(lady) makes him an outsider from Sata’s blood.

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        Wholetruth 5 years

        Sir, Wynter has the Sata blood flowing in him (100 %)…

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      Wholetruth 5 years

      Actually, Wynter is a son (who was earlier abandoned by the father – ba presido for a long time). You know these issues with us men where at times you refuse responsibility and then later on you in life realise that you made a mistake of not taking your correct responsibility. That is the Wynter story with the presido.

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        bena lubemba 5 years

        Nowonder,why wynter is a sadist hailing from broken family good antagonising even his own Pf members.his height sata show them and the nation that you are not a tribalist pick your successor now either a westerner or will leave a legancy and demostrating bembas coexistent well with other tribes.think beyond the kola foundation group suggestion.
        Consult widely we can help you.God bless our President.

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    Political Defender 5 years

    Am listening while watching!

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    Oyibo 5 years

    Mumembe eat out your liver! That’s how your evil past has come to haunt you. No body will mourn you and your Kamembya!

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    baba 5 years

    am not suprised. i drew a similar conclusion after reading the pf postnewspaper editorial for 27/03/13. zambians are clever pipo, wont allow exchange of power within the family lines.

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    kawaile 5 years

    You guys where and how do you get all this?

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      DICTIONARY 5 years

      If you read membe’s editorials and you still can’t smell a rat then you are a big dull foool.if you are bemba then muli chinangwa

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    believer 7 5 years

    Lies lies lies

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      DICTIONARY 5 years

      Truth truth truuuuuuuuuth!!!

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      Kaputa wa sata 5 years

      This watchdog has been digging several truths in the recent past. At least 99 percent of what they have foretold here has come to pass. E.g they have reported that PF has bribed 3 UPND Mps with ministerial positions way before it was in public domain and we have seen it come to pass. ZWD has told us that there were plans to debate RB’s immunity and eventually lift it on such and such a day way before ZNBC talked abt it and it came to pass. ZWD told us that the killers of PF cadre Chanda are not UPND but PF themselves and singled out the culprit and today that chap is in custody. I am wondering why you cant see some truth in their story. Read Membe’s editorial for yesterday and use your brains to do so, you ‘ll understand what is going on. By the way if you have been following the nature of Membe’s editorials they are always contextual. They don’t just fall form heaven, they usually have a basis. The question you should ask yourself is why shd Membe talk abt political successors now- who has died or who is yet to step down?

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    Elaine 5 years

    Every dog has its day!

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    Kabimba you are so evil. And you cant be a president. U have never suffered for pf let pipo like given enjoy their sweat.

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    This is what happens to people who don’t head advice. Many people knew this was coming. Kabimba, rest in peace from terraces in advance.

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    maybin kalale 5 years

    No wonder kabimba got rid of Lubinda ,this guy is bad news,any way lubinda you are protected by the blood of jesus ,your day will come.Kabimba you will never be a president,lubinda is popular than you ,maybe even GBM is popular than you ,now there is Hon.Chikwanda,you are finished twit.

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    OldRugsOUT 5 years

    It was only FRED MMEMBE who thought Kabimba can be PF Preseident (In his dreams it will remain).

    On another hand, the LAST OLD PERSON we torelated to be President of this Country was Michael Sata. Chikwanda is too old for our liking, we will vote for somebody else. GIVEN LUBINDA will undisputedly be PF and rrepublican president either now or in 2016.

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    Evans Mbulo 5 years

    Kabimba you will never be president of this country just concentrate on Masebo!

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    BOKO HARAM 5 years

    Kabimba people were telling you to slow down but you couldn’t heed u ar now considered an outsider just bcoz u ar from central province