PF embarks on mission to eliminate opposition leaders, critical voices

PF embarks on mission to eliminate opposition leaders, critical voices

Five military officers specialized in sabotage and assassination operations on Monday this week left for Mfuwe to carryout out a number of tests and various strategies for military bombs aimed at eliminating opposition figures and other critical voices to the PF regime ahead of the 2016 elections.

This is part of the operation that was arrived at during one of the many high level security meetings held, on the advise of some foreign regimes in the region, while President Edgar Lungu was in Mfuwe.

On 11th February 2015, President Lungu convened a high-level security meeting at Mfuwe’s Chichele Presidential Lodge aimed at completely dealing with the opposition ahead of the 2016 general elections, according to highly placed senior government sources.

Lunge’s meeting where he was being told tactics on dealing with the opposition was attended by representatives of regional heads of security organizations

Some of the people that attended the meeting are:

  1. General Kopelipa Head of Intelligence Bureau for President Dos Santos,
  2. General Ze Maria Military Intelligence and Security Services
  3. Eugenio Pedro Alexandre – Director National Criminal Investigations Directorate (DNIC) Angola.
  4. General Timothy J. Kazembe Rtd Formerly CDI -DDI and Chairman Mediator JMC.
  5. Harry Kanjewe Director of Finance ADMARC Malawi
  6. Jack Nziza Directorate of Military Intelligence.
  7. Emmanuel Karenzi Karake DGI Rwandan Intelligence Services.

Former Director General of Zambia Intelligence Xavier Chungu this morning Wednesday 18th February left for Mfuwe Lodge to closely supervise the operation.

The military personnel have been tasked to arrive at least three best strategies to eliminate opposition figures, critical civil society organizations members and some critical journalists.

“Several strategies will be arrived at and pick possibly three to four best

options depending on the environment. So far, one strategy involves ramming into vehicles for targets using an already acquired medium sized truck that has been fitted with bull bars. This truck will be followed by a Land Cruiser that will be able to finish off the job in case the target partially survives.

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