PF envoy to Russia Hapunda named in forgery case

Chief Sikongo of Siavonga has been arrested for impersonation and forgery.

Penious Chilimbwa  who was arrested on Friday night is sad to have been fraudulently put on the throne by current Zambia’s ambassador to Russia Fredrick Hapunda. Hapunda and Chilimbwa are said to have forged various documents to authenticate Chiimbwa’s claims to the throne.

Police investigations showed that Chilimbwa who is the current chief of the Tonga in Siavonga of southern province, was a chief retainer (Kapaso) to late Chief Makiyi.

Eunice Sianyulu, the daughter to the late Chief confirmed that no one knows how Penious Chilimbwa became chief because he does not belong to the royal family.

Chilimbwa, according to other documents originally came from Zimbabwe.

He was picked around 19hrs and taken to Siavonga police where he was detained for four hours.

Frredrick Hapunda was informed and in turn called police IG Stella when Hapunda Libongani asking her to release his accomplice. He was released on instruction from the police boss.

Fredrick Hapunda was chairman of all parliamentary committees in the Chiluba government. He is the father of president Sata’s political agent in Southern Province, Brian Haapunda.

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