PF demolishes another village to give land to rich people

PF demolishes  another village to give land to rich people

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 09.16.38The PF government has continued to brutally uproot villagers from their land to give it to rich people and foreigners.

Not only do they grab land but using extreme force, they beat residents and burn the property of poor people.

They hire expensive lawyers to go to court and get orders against villagers who in most cases do not even know that there is a court case going on just to be visited in the night by heavily armed police. Even if these villagers knew about the court case, they cannot afford to hire lawyers and the rich get default judgement and use stolen justice as excuse to steal land.

Here in the video is the latest example of how uncaring, selfish, greed, corrupt and stupid the PF government is.

This video recorded by Muvi TV shows how more than 30 households in Kapiri-Mposhi’s Katanino resettlement scheme have left in the cold after police demolished their houses and beat them up.

The police were told to demolish houses and beat resident following a court order, which ruled against the settlers who were allocated the piece of land in question by the government.

Police who raided the area together with officials from the court bailiff set settlers houses ablaze, destroying properties worth thousands of Kwacha.

The incident has since left some residents of the same area severely injured and hundreds homeless.

Other residents fled in the mountains while one woman gave birth in the process.




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