PF executive in Matero not happy

PF executive in Matero not happy

Matero PF Rejects Miles

The entire Matero PF constituency executive and all five wards have rejectend Miles Sampa and vowed to vote opposition.
The members say Sampa was imposed on the constituency when he was not even among the top three contenders and that he was not popular in Matero contrary to social media.
“We can’t work with Sampa. He failed to work with the party before and even resigned as MP in 2015,” PF official said.
He said Sampa style of campaign of blocking roads and driving in convoy with drunkards and junkies in further annoying residents.
“He comes with people from Kabwata and Kanyama in convoy and non of Matero people are following him. This seat will go opposition,” the official said.
And yesterday, a meeting was called by PF Lusaka District Committee to mitigate for Sampa but members were still angry. A visibly shaken Sampa went on his knees and asked for forgiveness but members refused to accept saying he was not genuine.
“Everyone is Matero believes Sampa is mad. His convoy is being booed by people saying ofunta, ofunta” the official said.
The meeting ended late in the evening with Sampa pledging to drop all the non Matero campaign team.IMG_8459

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    Its true Sampa ni ofunta. Everybody can see that. Here is a guy who went on TV and told the nation that he is withdrawing from mayoral race because there is no money to be made in councils compared to what MPs make !! He further went on to say that with MP’s gratuity he can buy a farm. If this is mot madness then I dont know what it is. He is in it for money. Yaba zoona ni OFUNTA

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    Kasonde waka 2 weeks ago