PF expels Kelvin Fube

PF expels Kelvin Fube

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has expelled its presidential aspirant Kelvin Fube Bwalya.

PF’s Lusaka province chairman Paul Monga has told ZNBC that Fube has been expelled together with Julius Komaki

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    Tasila 2 weeks ago

    Zambians wake up KBF has said it that he is the one who rigged for this konswe to be in state house u are suffering because such pipo them they are happy with their families stupid Zambians mumenso folokoko. Rise and fight for your stolen votes. 

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    samega 2 weeks ago

    if Julius Malema was a Zambian, he would have been a dead man. i envy the freedom of expression in RSA. what has become of our country sure. do we all need to have one view? anyone with a divergent view is wrong? i dont think so. Cry the beloved country.

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      Mike was eliminated? 2 weeks ago

      Are you implying Mike Mulongoti was eliminated?

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    What is intra party democracy kanshi? 

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      The meaning of intra party democracy 2 weeks ago

      Internal democracy in political parties, also known as intra-party democracy, refers to the level and methods of including party members in the decision making and deliberation within the party structure. Intra-party democracy is usually known to nurture citizens’ political competencies and/or producing more capable representatives which in turn ensures that the party produces better policies and political programmes..

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        Competing divergent views are excellent 2 weeks ago

        Implicit in the above definition of intra party democracy is the fact that when people with divergent views are brought together and listened to, you create stronger policies and strategies in a political party. Kaunda though had an inclusive Government, he missed such a wonderful opportunity of not listening to.people opposed to his policies and strategies. Chiluba was more tolerant at the beginning but later became a tyranny. Mwanawasa on the other hand was tolerant but demonized Bembas. RB was short lived and showed signs of loving his family more than the rest of the people. ECL appears to have strong affinity for northeners and easterners and appears ready to crash anyone opposed to his policies and strategies. Examples are Chishimba Kambwili and Kelvin Bwalya Fube.

        As a result of not listening to divergent views, there is no political party in Zambia which has so far created excellent, rare and hard to imitate policies and strategies.

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    It won’t be long before PF only contains expelled UPND’ers, and UPND just has expelled PF’ers…! At least they will all have two things in common: they are totally incompetent and they’re only interested in filling their own pockets!


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    Ellis 2 weeks ago

    Wamuyaya sydrom is killing this Country. The one time humble leader is now arrogant. he thinks he will be there forever, Kumulu lesa panshi Edgar na pf.Sambilileni bane. ukulu ulundapa ekunyantila. Fube you wont do it within PF.

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    We can’t even learn from how Comrade KK destroyed Zambia economically by punishing jailing and throwing away anybody who opposed him.

    Kaunda lacked true advise as he chose to isolate himself from true Zambians with great ideas than himself.
    As a result, he started importing fuel by air. He further closed the border with Rhodesia which was our economic life line. He then embarked on expensive and uneconomic projects such as the hell run and Tazara. He even coined slogans such as “UNIP mulilo uwaikatako apya”.

    The result of that tyranny was destruction of a very strong economy whose currency was stronger than the British Pound and the US Dollar. At that time the Kwacha was like the US Dollar today, acceptable in every part of the world.

    This is how tyranny on dissenting views can lead to. Let us reflect on Comrade KK and learn something. Let us also reflect on how South Africans are building their nation!!!

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      zambia is ours 2 weeks ago

      You seem to have understood history very differently vis a vis KK and Zambia’s involvement in the liberation struggle!! Other issues of KK’s one man show can be true but you are a bit lost on the Tazara, Hell run etc.The so called “hell run” is still useful for Zambia, DRC and Malawi linking them to the Port of Dar. Tazara served its full purpose and is still very critical in linking, Southern and Central Africa to East African railway systems! Looking at the leaders we have had after KK, I can only say it was a blessing in disguise that we started with KK and steered that country to development at the most crucial time. Any change at an earlier stage could have spelt us doom.However, Edgar and his dictatorship is a sheer waste of time, he needs to open up the pollical space to other useful leaders!!

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        Encourage criticism, it is healthy!!!! 2 weeks ago

        The point is that we can differ politically but not on economics. Kaunda missed Kapwepwe’s advise, a childhood friend , whom he crushed using his cadres at Kamwala after dropping him as Zambia’s Vice President due to unforeseen threats to his leadership and power

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    Let us fight this evil of punishing dissenting views 2 weeks ago

    The culture we have adopted of expelling and blocking  anyone who has opposing views including on Internet, must come to an end. 

    When smith and the boers in RSA became a threat to our lives our lives and our economy, simply because we supported the liberation struggle, we all stood up to be counted.

    This tyranny of finishing bright individuals who appear to have better opposing views than ourselves intra and inter party must be fought in the same manner Zambians stood up against the Rhodes and RSA Boers.

    If we don’t fight this evil, Zambia is headed for a disaster politically and economically. When I look at the young RSA and how their democracy has grown, honestly I feel ashamed to be a Zambian.