PF expels Sikwindi for telling the truth that his party was corrupt and tribal

As the squabbles in PF now reach new levels, the party’s deputy secretary general has today expelled the assistant to Wynter Kabimba for gross indiscipline.

Party deputy secretary general Bridget Attanga announced the expulsion of Situla Sikwindi, a right hand-man of Mr. kabimba from the PF for stating facts that PF was a corrupt and tribal party.

Explaining his links to the new party that should be led by Mr. Kabimba, Sikwindi told his sponsors at the Post newspaper that PF was just a tribal and corrupt party, sentiments which have so far been echoed by Kabimba and vice-president Guy Scott himself.

Below is the article:
ACCUSATIONS that Wynter Kabimba has formed a political party called the Fourth Republic is a strategy from people with a firm conclusion that only their tribesmen and corrupt relatives should rule Zambia in perpetuity, says PF assistant secretary general for political Sikwindi Situla.
And the Times of Zambia story in which one Lameck Kamalo announced his resignation as Fourth Republic interim president was generated from a fax message sent from Minister of Information and Broadcasting permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba’s office to managing director Godfrey Malama’s.
Situla stated in a press release yesterday that political events revolving around accusations that he had formed a political party called Fourth Republic on behalf of PF secretary general Kabimba, had now become a matter of life and death.
“This matter is not a small matter at all,” Situla stated. “We have been warned before by a host of credible sources on how they plan to eliminate our lives in the event that they fail to remove us from the party. These people have sat down to strategise and came to a firm conclusion that only their tribesmen and their corrupt relatives should rule this country in perpetuity. They have waged war on all those perceived to be standing in their way to the presidency of the party.”
He asked those making these allegations to provide impeccable evidence that Kabimba and himself were behind the Fourth Republic party.
“This must be availed to the public within 24 hours, as it should be within reach, failure to which legal action will be commenced soon,” Situla demanded. “Mr Lameck must explain the domicile of the Fourth Republic Party and why his resignation letter so directed to me was enveloped and delivered by State House agent s and why the office of the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services got involved in the transmission of the same letter to the media. I very much doubt if H.E. President Sata is aware that State House stationery and officers were being abused to mail-run the Fourth Republic Party.”
Situla stated further that these accusations were being engineered by those in contention for a degree of political power only known to them.
Situla stated that prior to his appointment as assistant secretary general-political in the PF, he had intentions of creating a non-partisan civil society organisation to advocate law reform and equitable distribution of power and resources through the ongoing constitution-making process.
“It is therefore undoubted that the so-called Fourth Republic party is a stolen NGO concept under the misuse of a clique who lamentably failed to topple Hon Kabimba from the position of secretary general,” he stated in part. “This is a desperate act of those jostling for a tribal hegemony in the party… I vehemently oppose the advancement of one single tribe of the 73 or one religion or a class to exclusively dominate government position and all means of economic production over and above others.”
He prayed that those engaged in “this injurious business of advancing hate and discrimination against those perceived to be different from them by class, colour, creed, or and even tribe, will take a sober reflection of their destructive thoughts”.
“All this is nothing but an evil beachhead of the corrupt and that of those who feel denied jobs and therefore continue to blame their misfortunes on Mr. Kabimba. Some of these people boast of having bankrolled the party and that it is their small papers that are responsible for the PF’s victory in 2011,” he stated. “Fortunately for them, they have successfully lobbied for a cadre of permanent secretaries who they can afford to place in strategic positions to champion their lies and hidden agenda.”
Situla indicated that these arm-twisting tactics aimed at overthrowing Kabimba were not isolated from those that had been accusing him of bringing the ruling party’s name into disrepute following his admission that there was a tribal clique wishing him ill.
Situla revealed that he had since instructed his lawyers, Messrs Central Chambers, to immediately commence litigation on all those involved in the generation and publication of these false stories.
And The Post has learnt that the copy of a letter dated October 9 and addressed to Situla, whose address was indicated as Winter Kabimba and Associates Law firm and in which Kamalo was announcing his resignation from the Fourth Republic party, was faxed from Mwamba’s office fax line, 235410 at 08:27 on October 11.
The document was stamped as having been received by the Times of Zambia managing director’s office on the same day and Malama issued the following instruction to the news editor as an endorsement on the letter: “Interview the under-signed for details on his so-called ‘Fourth Republic’. MD.”
When asked about what he knew about the letter that was faxed from his office, Mwamba responded: “I have no idea”.

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