PF extends applications for nominations by another week after failing to find candidates

The Patriotic Front has extended the filling in of applications for candidates in this years’ elections for members of parliament and councillors after failing to find candidates due to the grade 12 clause requirement.
But PF Secretary General Davis Chama claimed that the extension was to allow more people to apply.
In Mufulira as of Monday 7th March 2016 only one application for councillorship out of ten wards in Kantanshi constituency was received.
The PF district leadership was forced to go round with Public address systems pleading for people to come and apply for adoption as councillors on the PF ticket.
The situation was the same in other constituencies as most people who have applied for adoption as councillors are not from Mufulira. A check on other constituencies revealed that very few credible candidates had applied so far.
Energy Permanent Secretary and fake Bishop Chomba has applied for adoption for Kankoyo constituency on the PF ticket.
Meanwhile, the United Party for National Development (UPND) in Mufulira district has received overwhelming support from the people as can be seen from the people that have applied for adoption for all the advertised positions.
Mufulira district has a total of 3 constituencies, Kantanshi, Mufulira and Kankoyo respectively.
The UPND has received 7 applications for Kantanshi, 9 applications for Kankoyo and 5 applications for Mufulira constituency all aspiring to be members of parliament. The UPND has also received applications for all wards in the district with some wards receiving over five applications.

Currently the PF has 28 sitting councillors in Mufulira district but only 9 have grade 12 certificates and eligible to re-contest their sits, but 5 of the 9 have indicated plans to join the UPND.
Meanwhile UPND youths in Central Province have warned the PF to stop persecuting their leaders on flimsy grounds.
UPND Central Province Youth Chairperson, Milner Mwanakapwe has called on outgoing President Edgar Lungu to ensure that the law is applied fairly on all political parties adding that the PF should not use their influence to intimidate opposition parties.
And Mwanakapwe has condemned the PF’s abuse of the public media for continuously blacking out the opposition.
He said free and fair elections cannot be guaranteed with biased coverage of news against the opposition by the public media.

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