PF externalises another US$3 million on worthless project

PF externalises another US$3 million on worthless project


It is deeply disturbing that the Patriotic Front (PF) government of Mr. Edgar Lungu have reportedly paid $3m to Highgate, a London based communications consultancy firm, to manage Zambia’s external communication liaisons in view of the grossly negative and damaging reputation the PF have created to the outside world.

This waste of public money comes at a time when Zambia is battling the worst public health crisis in history, with all our major public health institutions having run out of COVID19 test kits, diminished critical care capacity, as well as the lack of availability of critical care medicines for cancer, malaria and diabetes.

Citizens are reminded, that not too long ago, the PF government externalized another $5m paid to a foreign firm for the management of our sovereign debt, a problem created by the PF themselves.

The UPND demands an explanation from the PF led administration why it was of such foremost priority to externalize another $3m on communications, rather than spend this money on public healthcare in Zambia and keep Zambians alive.

Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
13 January 2021.

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