PF externalises another US$3 million on worthless project

PF externalises another US$3 million on worthless project


It is deeply disturbing that the Patriotic Front (PF) government of Mr. Edgar Lungu have reportedly paid $3m to Highgate, a London based communications consultancy firm, to manage Zambia’s external communication liaisons in view of the grossly negative and damaging reputation the PF have created to the outside world.

This waste of public money comes at a time when Zambia is battling the worst public health crisis in history, with all our major public health institutions having run out of COVID19 test kits, diminished critical care capacity, as well as the lack of availability of critical care medicines for cancer, malaria and diabetes.

Citizens are reminded, that not too long ago, the PF government externalized another $5m paid to a foreign firm for the management of our sovereign debt, a problem created by the PF themselves.

The UPND demands an explanation from the PF led administration why it was of such foremost priority to externalize another $3m on communications, rather than spend this money on public healthcare in Zambia and keep Zambians alive.

Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
13 January 2021.

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    Patwell Simbaya 2 days ago

    Inferiority complexes mbwee Why seek out Europeans for such a contract? Why not give it to Zambians? What kind of a government is this?

  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 4 days ago

    I keep saying Lungu is a joker and a reckless one.

  • comment-avatar
    Jonny 5 days ago

    Another scandal with ba k0swe, pathetic f000ls party all dull as a rock

  • comment-avatar
    Ichalo Lifupa... 5 days ago

    Is this a Joke! According to Companies House (A government organisation) where all companies in the UK are registered (wck2(dot)companieshouse(dot)gov(dot)uk, Highgate Advisory LTD (#12396465) in London was only incorporated on 10 January 2020 by a Mr TS who later changed his name on 25 February 2020 to a Mr TSE-L.

    They have not even filed the accounts yet. Go to companies house webchech and search on company name or number. You will also see that most of the companies with the same name are either dissolved, liquidated or completely different entities and not relevant to consultancy.

    God help Zambia from these pompwes (thieves)

    • comment-avatar
      Lazzo Libidus 2 days ago

      @Ichalo lifupa. Efyo beba. They are stealing tax money. There’s no such company. The money will go into someone’s pocket in Zambia

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    Muwerewere 6 days ago

    No matter how much is paid to these PR firms in Western countries to damage control, it will not work because they are addressing themselves to outside audience which wont understand that is obtaining on the ground in Zambia. I would have appreciated if a lito of that amount was spend on local damage control. The voters are not in London but around Zambia starting from Soweto. I appreciate what the media teams for PF and UPND are doing and undoing each other at least we are kept well informed. I would appreciate if Hon. Davies Mwila could glue his mouth concerning the bailed out of the ministers who got paid whilst in office illegally. The economy is bleeding to death and a good samaritan just comes on board with a bail out bowl to PF ministers. One wonders if that is clean money and taxes have been paid on its activities. Failure to disclose the names of the kind donors is raising a lot of speculation to money laundering. It would have been better for Hon Davies to let matters quite as they were rather bringing about nasty issues when we are just angry with Honeybee Pharmacy scandal. Hon Mwila should at this time be rebranding PF to rescue its diminishing popularity going by what happened in Mufulira. Defending those who occupied the office illegally after dissolution of election will not bring PF votes. Mwila should be looking at a bigger picture of PF or short leave matters of PR and propaganda to those two boys Sandamina Chandra and Atomous Mwaziwona, though I never PF but they do great in their effort to rebrand and damage control in defence of PF misdeeds.