PF factions case postponed to December 5

The court case in which the two PF factions are doing war had been postponed to December.
The faction led by Edgar Lungu (clique or Chawamwa PF) has taken the Cartel, led by Guy Scott to court over the general conference held in Kabwe.
There were two conferences in Kabwe; each elected its own president and said the other other conference was illegal.
So, the PF has two presidents, Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa.
The court said the cartel has not made submission in court so they are giving them time. The watchdog understands that the cartel will not only defend itself but will put a counter claim, namely thar the conference by Edgar Lungu’s team was the illegal one.
Meanwhile, Milesa Sampa, president of the other PF (for convenience lets call it Matero PF) says what happened in the ruling party was almost a Coup d’état.

Or is it ‘Kachasu PF’ versus ‘Skirts PF’

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