PF factions panic over personal interests, Lungu gets Chinese funding through Nsanda

The complexity and deceit that riddles the PF has reached yet another unprecedented level. Since the Watchdog unearthed the leaked letter of Scott calling Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to follow the letter of the law in the PF things have begun to get very nasty. We now know that Nkandu Luo, Minister of Traditional Affairs, was the one who leaked Scott’s letter.

Luo and Chibesakunda, it seems are working in conjunction with one objective: to install Edgar Lungu and if they win elections have Chief Chewe as Chitimukulu and bypass the Bashilubemba’s choice of Henry Sosala, the rightful Chitimukulu and pressure Lungu to give into their demand.

Guy Scott, along with Wynter Kabimba, are determined to install Miles Sampa as the party president, hence the letter to the Chief Justice, however for the sake of political insurance Kabimba has now set up the Rainbow Party with the support of Fred M’membe.

The idea of the Rainbow Party is so that Scott and Kabimba can consolidate a political position in case the courts rule in Lungu’s favour. There first choice was Dr. Kaseba but she lacked any serious political support base.

Wynter Kabimba has informed several Judges of the Supreme Court that he expects a ruling to be made without Chief Justice Chibesakunda, given that her relation to the Lungu faction would compromise her decision-making.

While Scott’s faction may seem weak, Lungu’s faction is equally crumbling. As their campaign lacked funds from the offset, Lungu required these from questionable Chinese sources, by trading it for road contracts.

Sources inform that Willie Nsanda in his position as Chairman of the Road Development Agency and Chishimba Kambwili as a minister have put pressure on the finance ministry to release arrears to Chinese contractors so that the Lungu campaign can get funded

We are also told that Mulenga Sata has received large funds for his help in giving road contracts to the Chinese, along with allowing the Chinese to take the new airport terminal contract in return for campaign funds.

Lungu’s campaign materials so far though to have costs him millions and has had to repay these through this channel of awarding road contracts and getting arrears paid to the Chinese contractors.

Lungu’s last ace in the hole is going to be an attempt to impeach Guy Scott as Lungu believes he has a majority in parliament, before it adjourns. The reality is he does not and Scott is likely to have the required support

Whilst they both Scott and Lungu have horrendous motivations and more than questionable financial backers, Scott at least for now has the stronger legal case.

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