PF fail to pay UNZA students despite riots

The PF government has completely abandoned the demands by the University of Zambia students who were recently protesting demanding to be paid their allowances.

Several students told the Watchdog that they are very angry because the government has not paid them despite promising them after their protests.

Some of the students have since left the university for their homes without being paid after they finished their examinations.

Other students who have finished their exams are currently stranded at the university as the PF government has not indicated when they will pay them.

Recently, students at UNZA Great road campus rioted demanding to be paid their accommodation and project allowances resulting in a number of them being arrested.

Sources at the Ministry of Education have told the Watchdog that the PF government has no money to pay the students because of other PF governments commitments such as by-elections.

The sources said the students can as well go home as they will never be paid at all, unless there will be a serious change of mind.

And Watchdog understands that the PF government now intends to change the UNZA calendar from the current semester system to the old termly system along he lines of primary and secondary schools.

The changes are with immediate effect on pressure from the PF government that has seen sense in the system that many universities in the world are discarding.

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