PF fails to challenge ‘family forest’ details, order police to silence citizens

PF fails to challenge ‘family forest’ details, order police to silence citizens

Edgar Lungu loves his bottle. See the lips

Edgar Lungu, a well known alcoholic, has directed the police to investigate the origins of a document that details the level of tribalism and nepotism in the PF government.

The PF government has failed to defend the open nepotism and tribalism which the said document details but now want to use the police to silence anyone who points out the record level tribalism by the PF regime.

Edgar Lungu is the minister of Home Affairs. He told Journalists in Lusaka that there is a document called ‘the Family Forest’ which is being circulated on the internet.

He said the document alleges that Sata’s government is based on tribal and family appointments.

He said the document is seditious and the police should find out where it is coming from.

Lungu claimed that people accused first president Kenneth Kaunda and his successors Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda of tribalism. He said they are now using the same tactics on Sata.

This was a lie by Edgar Lungu. The only president who was  correctly accused of tribalism was Levy Mwanawasa. The other leaders had other weanesses but no one accused them of practicing tribalism.

It is only Sata who is practicing tribalism as can be seen by everyone. Sata’s cabinet is full of his tribesmen and close family members. Most envoys to important missions of Zambia are Sata’ s tribesmen and often cousins, uncles, in-laws , nephews and nieces.

A copy of the article which details the PF tribalism is found here



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