PF fails to expel Lubinda, Central committee split

PF Central Committee members that were baying for Given Lubinda’s blood thought his expulsion would be unanimous.  But that was not the case, insiders say.
Sources say there was a protracted debate in the meeting held at State House this morning so much that the meeting had to defer its decision. According to sources, Wynter Kabimba and his backers whipped up their case with the expectation that they would get majority support.
But the amount of opposition from other Central Committee members was enough to send the meeting into an adjournment.
Sources that attended the meeting said Wynter, dissatisfied with the outcome, will attempt to portray an impression that the meeting postponed its decision because some members “pleaded for” Given Lubinda.
“No one was pleading. We just articulated our position. If they [Kabimba and group] want to take that as pleading, then they are mistaken,” a Member of the Central Committee opposed to the expulsion said.
The source said those opposed to Lubinda’s expulsion are doing so, firstly, to counter Kabimba’s influence and what they perceive to be his “exaggerated sense of self-importance”, and secondly, to forestall the impression that the party is victimising those with divergent views.
Members of the disciplinary committee who opposed Lubinda’s expulsion maintained their position in the Central Committee. “We refused to be intimidated by the bigger group. “We said it as we saw it,” one of them said.

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