PF fails to provoke UPND in Isoka

PF fails to provoke UPND in  Isoka


Efforts by Patriotic Front cadres to cause confusion at a UPND meeting held at Katyetye polling district yesterday failed as UPND members remained calm and continued to listen to their  Vice President Geoffrey 53A93A41-C68C-4457-927D-409470341554

Mwamba who was in the ward to drum up support for the popular candidate.Mr Ngulube.

Three vehicles carrying PF cadres drove right to the spot were GBM was addressing members and stopped right in the middle to attract and provoke the members but GBM ordered the member to pave way for them to pass and greet them with the symbol as brothers in politics.

Some of the PF cadres waved back and passed after realising that UPND had no time to fight but campaign for their credible candidate.

Meanwhile one of the officials told Dr Mwamba that the Patriotic Front are embarrased to present their candidate because he has no voters card and has no home and still surviving as a dependant.

The official said as a result it has been difficult for them to campaign because the locals know that he is not capable of representing them.

Information gathered is that the PF candidate known as Humphrey Nzunda Simbeya has never been presented anywere in the campaign because he lacks credibility.


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